5 Great Cycling Apps for Mountain Bikers

As the years go by, smartphone keep getting fancier—and so do the plethora of mountain biking apps available. If you like to mountain bike, and own a smartphone, chances are you already take that technology on the trail with you. Why not use it? Today's apps can help you navigate trails, track your workout,  stay safe in the woods and more. The best part? Many are free! 

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Google Maps (Free)

Google Maps App
Google Maps App. Google Maps

At the moment, Google Maps is the best navigating system for your phone. Looking for a bar or cafe after your shred sesh? Search "bar" within the program, see what's close by, compare information, and get directions from your exact spot. You'll want to have your phone mounted on your handlebars for Maps turn-by-turn navigation. Haven't tried it yet? Seriously, what are you waiting for? It's free. Available for iPhone and Android.

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Strava (Free)

Strava App
Strava App. Strava

Ever ride a section of trail so well you wanted to brag about it to your friends who weren't there? With Strava, your friends will already know without you ever saying a word. Turn the app on, stick it in your jersey pocket, and upload the segment when you're done riding. Your time will be ranked alongside others who have completed the same section of trail. Friends can follow each other to see where and how fast each one is riding. Available for iPhone and Android.

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Cyclemeter (Free)

Cyclemeter App
Cyclemeter App. ©Abvio Inc.

Cyclemeter transforms an iPhone into a GPS stopwatch. Track your mountain bike workouts—the Cyclemeter will keep track of your time, location, distance, elevation and speed. Monitor your progress automatically (at time or distance intervals) or on demand with 25 configurable announcements, such as time, elevation, distance, speed and more. You can even compete against a previous workout or other people’s workout routines that you’ve imported. View your results on graphs, maps and calendars. Social media and e-mail can be used to share maps of your workouts. Don’t worry about using too much space, as years of workout information takes up just a few songs’ worth of space. Available for iPhone only. 

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MapMyRide (Free)

MapMyRide app
MapMyRide app. © MapMyRide

Map your route, track your activity, log your food and share with friends all with MapMyRide. It uses your phone's built-in GPS to track your distance, duration, elevation, calories burned, route traveled and more. GPS tracking records your actual route on the Google Maps display. Afterwards, keep on top of your goals and challenge your friends by syncing your ride information with the MapMyRIDE website. iMapMyRIDE+ can be used to record hiking, running, swimming, walking, and other sport/activity workouts. Upgrade to the premium version to lose the advertisements. Available for iPhone and Android. 

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Yodel App ($0.99)

Yodel App
Yodel App. ©Intelligent Design + Communications

The Yodel App is a simple and effective iPhone app designed to help keep outdoor enthusiasts safe. Yodel uses the location services of the iPhone, along with a user’s intended route and time of return to communicate their plans to a network of trusted contacts. With one quick action, Yodel communicates all of these details to the right people, improving the odds of help reaching you quicker if something goes unplanned, such as developing an injury or becoming lost. Yodel also features a one-touch waypoint transmitter and an emergency SOS alert. Additional features include:

  • a simple user interface,
  • SMS and e-mail notifications,
  • emergency SOS feature, and
  • running in the background so as not to use excess battery life.