5 Great Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Some Great Gift Ideas for Car People for Less Than 20 Bucks!

Car people can be impossible to buy gifts for. Chances are they buy anything they really need the moment they realize they need it. It's good practice if you're a DIY mechanic, but it doesn't make it easy when a loved one is trying to figure out what to wrap up for you. Car gifts don't have to be completely useful, they can just be fun. They can also be something your car guy or gal already has but needs a better one. You don't need to break the bank to get a great gift for your car person. Make it easy on yourself and check out these great car gifts for under $20!

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Snap-On Safety Glasses

Safety glasses make a great gift for car guys.
These Snap-On safety glasses are a great gift for under $20. Snap-On.com

Every home mechanic should have a good pair of safety glasses in the toolbox. We have a pair about every 10 feet in our shop and recommend wearing them for most tasks. Most car people do have some safety glasses, but do they have a really


pair? What's the difference, you ask? Lots. These glasses from Snap-On have truly shatterproof lenses, fit your head securely and comfortably, and most important they have an anti-fog coating on them. This may not seem like a big deal, but ask anyone who's been trying to disconnect a CV joint through fogged lenses and they'll tell you how much they'd appreciate a little anti-fog.

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Magnetic Pick Up Tool

A magnetic pick up tool is a great gift for a car guy.
Every mechanic needs a magnetic pick up tool. pricegrabber

I see too many home mechanics without one of these. It's a rod with a magnet on the end. Big deal, you're thinking. The magnetic pick up tool can be a real lifesaver. Picture this: you're working on your distributor (or coil pack, don't want to date myself too much) and you drop a small screw or bolt. It falls into a tight crevice and your fingers are useless to get it out. If you have a magnetic pick up tool you need only stick it into the crevice and your can finish the job. No pick up tool and you're trying to figure out how to get some chewing gum stuck to a fishing rod ... or something.

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Gasket Scraper

Another great gift idea for less than 20 dollars.
Every mechanic needs a good gasket scraper, and a great gift!. pricegrabber

This great car gift is so cheap it's practically a stocking stuffer. But cheap as it may be, a gasket scraper is an invaluable tool for a home mechanic to have in the tool box. A gasket relies on the smooth surface of the metal parts it's trying to seal together. Anything less than smooth and you might be headed for a leak. Scraping with razor blades or screwdrivers is ill advised. Your car lover needs a real gasket scraper to get the job done right. It tends to be the last tool most guys buy, so do a good turn and give a great gift!

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Magnetic Parts Tray

A great gift for a car guy, the magnetic tray.
Another great gift for less than $20, the magnetic parts tray. pricegrabber

Even the simplest car repair or modification will yield a pile of screws, nuts, bolts, clips and other bits that hold the car together. If you've ever neatly piled all of your hardware together in a "safe" place only to kick it across the garage floor an hour later, you can see the value in a parts tray that magnetically holds all of these little bits in one place -- safely. This is the gift that will save you from getting an earful of expletives.

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The Nut Cracker

A great gift for under $20, the nutcracker.
It's a holiday favorite for car guys, the Nutcracker!. craftsman.com

If you're not sure what to get your car guy or car gal, you can always turn to a holiday standby, the nutcracker. But this is no laughing soldier, this is a nutcracker for mechanics, and it's got teeth. Freeing a stuck or rusted nut can be a real pain. This Nutcracker from Craftsman can split a nut into two pieces. If you've tried the usual methods of heat, penetrant, Vise-Grips and everything else you can throw at it, this Nutcracker will probably solve your problem. Makes a great and unexpected gift. Feel free to re-use my nutcracker jokes, too.

You Can Never Have Too Many Tools

If you were thinking that the beloved car person in your life has too many tools, you were wrong. There's just no such thing as too many useful, or safety related, items in the tool box! Gifts like these can be go-tos any time of the year.