Great News Web Widgets to Jazz Up Your Blog or Website

It's As Easy as Copying and Pasting Code Onto the Page

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So you've got your news blog or website up and running but you want to spice it up a bit. A web widget can do just that.

What Are Web Widgets?

Web widgets are simply little pieces of code that you can copy and paste into your website, blog or social networking site. There are thousands of widgets available for free online, focusing on virtually every topic imaginable.

Why Should I Use Web Widgets?

Web widgets can add interest to your website or blog by providing content that complements the material you've created. For instance, if your blog focuses on local politics, you can add a widget that focuses on state or national politics. If you cover high school sports, you can add a widget that follows the pro teams. Widgets can provide the kind of news content that would be difficult for a student or citizen journalist to cover.

How Do I Use Web Widgets?

You can find detailed instructions on using web widgets on-line, but usually, it's just as simple and copying and pasting a bit of code into your website or blog. And while there are hundreds of ready-made news widgets to choose from, you can also customize widgets to fit the look of your site, or even create your own.

Below is a list of sites where you can find news widgets. There are much more out there, so don't be afraid to search for what you need.

General News

CBS News - The network offers widgets in many categories.

Associated Press - A widget from the U.S. wire service.

The New York Times - Breaking news from the newspaper.

CNN - News from the cable network.

Fox News - Breaking news from the cable network.

USA Today - A variety of widgets from the newspaper.


Politico Live Pulse - News from the politics website.

Business and Economic News

CNN Money - Business and financial information.


Make Your Own

There are also widget sites that host dozens of widgets in a variety of categories. You can pick pre-made widgets or even create and customize your own.

Widgetbox - Search from this site's collection of hundreds of widgets, or make your own.

Google - The search engine offers dozens of widgets in different categories.

Wordpress - Widgets for those who have Wordpress blogs.

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