Quotes From the Movie 'Scrooge'

Fall in love with the Christmas classics with 'Scrooge' quotes

Actor Albert Finney on set of the movie"Scrooge" in 1970.

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Nothing can be more entertaining on Christmas Eve than a light musical comedy. "Scrooge," a 1970 movie adapted from Charles Dickens's famous novel, "A Christmas Carol," is fun and entertaining. The 1843 novel is a now well-known redemption tale of the wicked Ebenezer Scrooge. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by spirits, including his former business partner Jacob Marley, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come.

In the 1970 movie adaptation, Albert Finney, who plays the role of Scrooge, steals the show with his scintillating performance. Here is a story being retold in a colorful ensemble. You cannot help asking for more. Read these "Scrooge" quotes and savor the finest moments of the movie.

Ebenezer Scrooge

"As for you, nephew, if you were in my will, I'd disinherit you!"

"Go, and redeem some other promising young creature, but leave me to keep Christmas in my own way."

[to Bob Cratchit] "Well, my friend, I'm not going to beat around the bush. I'm simply not going to stand this sort of thing any longer. Which leaves me no choice, but to raise your salary."

"Fifteen shillings a week, a wife and five children...and he still talks of a Merry Christmas!"

"How shall I ever understand this world? There is nothing on which it is so hard as poverty, and yet, there is nothing it condemns with such severity as the pursuit of wealth."

The Ghost of Jacob Marley

"Hello, Ebenezer. I've been waiting here for you; I heard you were coming down, today. Thought I'd be here to greet you; show you to your new office... no one else wanted to.

"See the phantoms filling the sky around you. They astound you, I can tell, these inhabitants of hell. Poor wretches whom the hand of heaven ignores. Beware, beware, beware, lest their dreadful fate be yours!"

The Ghost of Christmas Present

"There is never enough time to do or say all the things that we would wish. The thing is to try to do as much as you can in the time that you have. Remember Scrooge, time is short, and suddenly, you're not here anymore."


"Harry, I've visited you every Christmas for the past five years, and to this day I can never understand this extraordinary ritual of toasting the health of your old uncle Ebenezer. I mean, everyone knows he's the most miserable old skinflint that ever walked God's earth."

Mr. Jorkin

[about Scrooge and Marley] "In short, gentlemen, if you want to save the fair name of the company by accepting their generous offer, they become the company!"​

Tiny Tim

"God bless us, every one!"

The Spirit of Christmas Present

"Come in! Come in, and know me better, man!"

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