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We all love vacations, or holidays as they are called in the UK (there's always some differences between American and British English). This gap fill quiz will test your understanding of vocabulary related to traveling including various types of transport. Vocabulary used in this exercise is also explained at the end of the exercise for reference. Finally, there's a writing exercise to follow-up and put the vocabulary you've learned to use.

Exercise 1: Gap Fill

Use one of the words or phrases to fill in the gaps. Each word or phrase is used only once. You can find the answers below.

boarding pass    by rail        camping trips        check in     destination

dock        excursion    ferry crossing    journey    landmark

last minute deal    main and minor roads    package holidays

remote locations    rent a car    route        self-catering holiday        set sail

sightseeing        suitcase    tourist office        tube        voyages

Have you ever chosen a ________ at the last minute? These types of ________ can be some of the most exciting due to the unexpected nature of the ________. One way to find a great ________ is to visit a ________. They'll have lots of trips including ________ on cruise liners, trips closer to home ________, or coach, and probably even ________. 

Once you've booked your vacation, pack your ________ and get ready for an adventure.

If you've chosen a ________, you'll probably have to get around on your own using taxis, buses, subways - or the ________ if you're traveling to London. Your ________ will take you to popular ________ destinations, or perhaps to ________ where you can get away from it all. 

If you are traveling across a body of water, you might make a ________.

You'll have to go to a ________ and board before you ________. If you are flying, you'll ________ at the airport, get your ________ and board the plane. If you're driving you might ________, but make sure you have a GPS or map to you'll be able to navigate the ________ on your trip.

Finally, once you arrive make sure to make time for an ________ or two. Generally, the local ________ can provide information on fun day excursions in the area such as a tour of the wine country, or a ________. 

Whatever last minute vacation you choose, it will certainly be exciting, and perhaps a little stressful. In fact, by the time you arrive home, you may need another vacation from the vacation! However, soon you'll plan your next get-away once you've worked for a week or two.

Exercise 2: Writing

Write a few paragraphs detailing either your last vacation, or a vacation you really enjoyed. Try to use as many expressions related to travel as you can.

Exercise 1: Answers

package holidays
last minute deal
by rail
camping trips
self-catering holiday
remote locations
ferry crossing
set sail
check in 
boarding pass
rent a car
main and minor roads
tourist office

Vocabulary Reference for Exercises

Here is the vocabulary used to fill in the gaps in alphabetical order. Note that many words may also be another part of speech. For example, the word 'articulate' is an adjective as well as a verb. Definitions are provided for the meaning in the gap fill exercise. 

boarding pass = (noun) slip of paper like a ticket that allows you to board a plane.

by rail = (prepositional phrase) by train

camping trips = (noun) trip into nature during which you sleep in a tent

check in  = (verb) to state to an airline that you have arrived and will board your flight

destination = (noun) the place to which you are traveling

dock = (noun) stretch of wood or metal that extends into the water allowing passengers to board a ship

excursion = (noun) a short afternoon, day or two day trip 

ferry crossing = (noun) the place where a ferry crosses the water carrying passengers to the other side 

journey = (noun) long travel, usually very far away from home

landmark = (noun) historical or natural site of special interest

last minute deal = (noun phrase) an offer to travel at a much lower price because you will leave within in the next few days

main and minor roads = (noun phrase) streets that people often use as well as streets that are seldom used

package holiday = (noun phrase) a holiday or vacation which includes the flight, hotel, meals and so on

remote location  = (noun phrase) a place very far away from cities

rent a car = (verb phrase) to pay to use a car for a short period of time

route = (noun) the streets, roads, etc. that you will use to travel somewhere

self-catering holiday = (noun phrase) a vacation during which you pay for your own meals (as opposed to package holidays in which meals are included)

set sail = (verb phrase) to leave on a boat to go somewhere

sightseeing = (noun) the activity of visiting famous tourist attractions

suitcase = (noun) a case in which you put your clothes and other articles

tourist office = (noun phrase) an office which helps tourists discover what attractions and other sightseeing activities they should d

tube = (noun) the subway, or underground system in London

voyage = (noun) distant travel, usually by ship

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