Youth Group Activities and Outings Christian Teens Love to Do

Youth Group Activities
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While many youth group activities are focused on Bible study, prayer, outreach, missions, and other spiritual pursuits, one thing some youth leaders forget is that Christian teens also need time together for fun and fellowship. Youth group ought to be more than just a place where students come to learn about the Bible; it should be a community where believers learn, grow, and enjoy life together as the family of God.

It's important for youth groups to plan activities that reach beyond Sunday meetings. Planned youth group activities and outings help to foster close relationships between students. They also provide opportunities for teens to invite non-Christian friends who are wary of organized religion to less-threatening events. Here are some ideas for outings that most Christian teens can't pass up.

Youth Group Activities Teens Love to Do

Theme Park

A day spent at a local amusement park is just the ticket for most students. What Christian teen doesn't love the thrill of riding roller coasters? A theme park outing may require some coordination and a few chaperones, but your students are not likely to resist the chance for some adventurous fun. If you don't have a theme park near you, you might opt for a local fair, water park, or recreation center.

Laser Tag

Put some teenagers in a darkened maze, hand them laser guns and vests, and just wait for the fun to ensue. Most students (and leaders) can't turn down the challenge of a laser tag competition. Some laser tag companies offer special group rates and exclusive use of their facility for certain time periods.

Cosmic Bowling

Who doesn't like to bowl? While older leaders may remember simple bowling alleys where scores were kept by hand, new alleys have computerized scoring and even "cosmic bowling," with black lights and fun music. Neon bowling balls add a funky touch of high-energy to the experience. Most bowling alleys will have a coordinator to work with your group to schedule an outing, including discounted rates on rentals, food, and drinks.

Roller Skating or Ice Skating

Skating is something most teens enjoy, with retro-skates coming back into fashion. Most communities have access to a roller rink or ice skating arena. These centers usually have a contact person who can schedule and help plan a group activity. If you don't have a local facility, you can create your own outing in a local park, parking lot (for roller skating) or lake (for ice skating).


Like laser tag, paintball is a popular youth group activity that fosters teamwork and friendly competition. Some communities have specialty parks designed specifically for paintball activity. You can also design your own paintball field with boxes, hay, trees, etc. Be sure to check with your church administer to see if any liability paperwork is required. Also, be sure all students are supplied with equipment and appropriate safety gear.

Big City

If you live in a suburban or rural area, a trip to the "Big City" might be an unexpected highlight for Christian teens. You can supply students with maps pinpointing places to see and shop. You might even want to design a scavenger hunt or geocaching, giving teens clues to find certain places or people. To keep students safe and on schedule, you may want to assign groups and chaperones, set boundaries for exploration, and designate meeting places and times.

Mall Madness

The mall is a tried and true favorite hangout for teenagers. Consider taking your youth group on a trip to a distant mall for a new experience. Teens can explore different stores and meet new people. Like the trip to the city, you can incorporate fun activities like a scavenger hunt.


Depending on your preference, consider renting cabins for your students or camping the old fashioned way in tents. Unless, of course, you prefer "glamping." This youth group activity involves careful planning to be sure you take all of the appropriate equipment, supplies, and food needed for the duration. Inevitably, there will be students who forget certain supplies, so pack extras or do a group inventory before leaving. Many campgrounds and Christian retreats offer rental equipment, group meals, and other facilities.

Dinner and a Movie

Here's an easy hang out to throw together that most teens would find inviting. Pick up some pizza and popcorn, choose a movie and a meeting place, talk, eat, and enjoy the show in good company. Try to choose a film that will appeal to a wide range of teens.

Comedy Clubs

The Bible says laughter is good medicine, and most teens would say amen. A trip to a comedy club can be a great time of making memories as a group. Several clubs cater to young audiences, offering clean comedy routines. Check with the club to see if they host events for youth groups or have comedians who use only family-friendly, age-appropriate material.

Edited by Mary Fairchild