Green Demon Night Terror Evidence

Kassia at first thinks that the terrifying creature she saw was just a dream... until she finds the marks it left

This incident took place in about 1985 when I was around five years old, in Crump, Michigan, close to Saginaw Bay. I have always been afraid of the dark, but I think maybe this is why:

We had recently moved from Bay City to Crump, about 30 minutes north in the woods right off the Kawkawlin River.

I remember once, during that summer, sleeping in the living room. I woke up for no reason at all. I could see right out the sliding glass door. There was a strobe light with no sound going off outside. I wanted to see what it was and I remember getting up to go look, but it seemed as though my body went on autopilot and I just lay back down and went back to sleep, which is weird because I certainly felt scared-not tired at all at that point.

Shortly after that, on another night that summer, I remember going to bed. I had a canopy bed with a space between the headboard and the mattress showing the wall. It always takes me so long to fall asleep. I would say good night to about 50 stuffed animals, doing a roll call so to speak, etc.

I remember waking up to a green being reaching for me. Instantly, I felt that adrenaline freeze in my body, shooting me wide awake. It was green like a frog with the belly color of a frog, too.

It looked like Kobra Khan from He-Man except I did not see any big teeth, more like tiny, bitty teeth and not really scaly, but there definitely was a clawed hand coming at me. I distinctly remember the andrenaline freeze feeling, that paralysis.

And then I woke up and it was morning. As soon as I woke up, I was still in that freeze-feeling and still feeling, well, "petrified" is the exact word for it -- and I knew when I turned around there was going to be a gash in the plaster of the wall in that space between my headboard and mattress!

And there was. That was so weird about it -- already knowing that gash would be there and it came from that THING reaching for me the night before. My mother said I had a lot of night terrors around that time, running around the house with my eyes open screaming for her.

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