Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode Guide

Catch up on Episodes 1-25 of Season 3

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 brought us a few new faces (gasp, Lexie Grey!) and more exciting medical cases for our interns, not to mention all those personal problems. 

Episodes one 1-25 of season 3 pack a lot of punch, though the whole season was not as compelling as the show's first two seasons. Grey's Anatomy season 3 brought us an exciting mid-season crisis, the ferry boat accident, and character deaths. A few episodes from this season also make the list for the 13 most heartbreaking Grey's episodes ever.

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3x01 "Time Has Come Today" (OAD 9/21/06)

Izzie lies on the bathroom floor, devastated after Denny's death. Alex, George, and Cristina expect Meredith to get Izzie up because Meredith is dark and twisty.

George goes to the hospital and performs surgery with Derek. They are both about to go to Meredith's when they are quarantined because they'd been exposed to the plague. When they are let out, Derek goes to Meredith and tells her that she has a choice to make. He wants to give her all the time she needs. He'd made the wrong one.

Adele leaves Richard because he won't retire. Addison thumbtacks Meredith's panties to the bulletin board with a lost and found sign. Izzie finally gets up off the floor and Meredith helps her out of her dress.

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3x02 "I Am a Tree" (OAD 9/28/06)

Bailey wants to know if they are Meredith's or Cristina's panties on her board. Callie steps up and says they are hers. George gets jealous. Callie is caught in her makeshift room by Webber and he can't allow her to live there. George assumes that Richard is who Callie has been sleeping with, but Callie clears up the confusion.

Izzie bakes and bakes and bakes. She finally stops when Bailey comes to talk to her. Bailey says that what happened was partly her fault because she went soft after having a baby.

Meredith is trying to decide between Derek and Finn. They both tell her to take all the time she needs. She finally tells them that she's not choosing yet and she wants to date them both.

Cristina is intimidated by Burke's overbearing mother.

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3x03 "Sometimes a Fantasy" (OAD 10/5/06)

Izzie goes to the hospital with Meredith and George, to talk to the chief about getting her job back. She stands out front for the whole day, until Alex takes her home.

Burke talks to the chief about a leave of absence, which Cristina is against. She brings home chicken for him to stitch so that he can keep his dexterity. 

George doesn't want Callie living with them and when they get into a fight over a patient, he tells her he doesn't want to live with her.

Finn meets Meredith at the hospital for lunch, but Derek takes her away for an exciting surgery. Derek takes Meredith to dinner, but Finn is there when he takes her home. Meredith wants romance, not fighting.

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3x04 "What I Am" (OAD 10/12/06)

Meredith gets sick during rounds and everyone thinks she's pregnant, but it turns out she needs an appendectomy. Webber tells Derek that he left Ellis because he had too much baggage and he loved her too much to saddle her with that. Derek tells Meredith that Finn is the better man, but she tells Finn goodbye.

Once Denny's father is satisfied that Izzie wasn't with Denny for his money, he gives her an envelope. At home, George opens it to find a check for 8,700,000.

Mark Sloan gets a job at Seattle Grace. While examining Burke's arm, Derek is consumed with complaining about Mark. Derek clears Burke for surgery, not noticing his hand shakes. Cristina figures out a way to help him during surgeries so that no one will know.

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3x05 "Oh, the Guilt" (OAD 10/19/06)

Meredith wants to give Derek time, so doesn't tell him that she broke up with Finn until they meet in the elevator and she can't keep it from him anymore. He says okay and walks out. What Meredith doesn't know is that Addison had just told Derek that her relationship with Mark was not a fling. She'd moved in with him after Derek had left and she'd thought she was in love with him.

Burke gets called into surgery and Cristina goes with him. When he gets a tremor in his hand, she takes over.

George and Meredith are worried because Izzie hasn't cashed her 8.5 million dollar check. She wants something good to come from the money.

George goes to Callie's and she tells him that they'd broken up.

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3x06 "Let the Angels Commit" (OAD 11/2/06)

Cristina continues to cover for Burke, even going so far as to take Bailey off one of his surgeries. Bailey assumes that Burke took her off because he doesn't trust her judgment since she had a baby and the problems with Izzie cutting the LVAD wire.

Izzie comes back to work to a lot of change. Bailey says she will not have any patient interaction but will shadow a different doctor every day. Today's doctor is Meredith. Izzie sees that the patient needs psychiatrist help and tells Meredith.

Callie tells George not to continue to chase her unless he wants to catch her. Meredith finds Derek in his trailer with a woman. She leaves and later finds out the woman is Derek's sister. She's there to check up on him for their mother.

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3x07 "Where the Boys Are" (OAD 11/9/06)

Derek invites Burke on a camping trip and Burke invites George, Webber, Alex, Joe, and Joe's boyfriend, Walter. While fishing, George notices a tremor in Burke's hand. Alex and George get into a fight after Alex says that Callie is sleeping with Mark Sloan.

Bailey wants to know why Cristina erased her name from Burke's surgery and doesn't let her into surgery because she won't say. Izzie is tasked with seeing a peer counselor. Meredith works with Mark, who keeps flirting with her.

After the trip, Derek introduces himself to Meredith asking that they start over and Callie tells George that his father has been admitted to hospital.

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3x08 "Staring at the Sun" (OAD 11/16/06)

In the bathtub with Derek, Meredith decides that she is going to be bright and shiny instead of dark and twisty, but by the end of the day she decides she's not cut out for bright and shiny.

George's father has cancer and a heart a condition. Callie helps him through it. Burke is going to operate, but George still suspects there is something wrong with his hand, so he doesn't want Burke to operate on his father.

Izzie is tasked with shadowing Alex. Alex secretly lets Izzie do a procedure and then kisses her, but she says she can't. Richard tells Meredith that he's going back to Adele and he won't be visiting her mother anymore.

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3x09 "From a Whisper to a Scream" (OAD 11/23/06)

George calls Erica Hahn to operate on his father and everyone wonders why. Burke is fine with it and wishes that Cristina would not be so paranoid. Cristina pushes him to his breaking point and he has her step away from his patient. Cristina finally can't do it anymore and tells the chief of Burke's injury. That night, Cristina goes home and Burke is in the bedroom. He walks up and shuts the door.

Meredith suspected that something was wrong with Burke, but she didn't tell Derek and Derek is upset. She says that Cristina was there when Derek wasn't.

George gets mad at Izzie for spilling his secrets to his mother. Izzie thought that'd she'd known about Meredith and Callie. Addison sees Alex in a different light and tells him he's an okay guy.

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3x10 "Don't Stand so Close to Me" (OAD 11/30/06)

Bailey is mad that Burke and Cristina are not punished for hiding Burke's tremor. Webber tells her that the interns are her children and they make mistakes and it's not her fault.

Dr. Hahn operates on George's father.

Meredith's half sister, Molly, has an emergency C section and her baby is born at 36 weeks and not breathing. Meredith has a moment of panic and Addison sends her to stay with Molly and Molly's mother. When she is able to tell Molly's mother, Sue, that the baby is fine, Sue hugs Meredith. Meredith says that she seems very nice, but she is not Meredith's family.

All the interns, except for Meredith, are mad at Cristina, and Meredith asks them to give her a break. Izzie and Alex finally give in, but George is still upset.

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3x11 "Six Days: Part 1" (OAD 1/11/07)

Meredith deals with her father being at the hospital. She finds out that Derek hasn't been sleeping in the bed with her because she snores and she tells him he has to sleep with her because she has abandonment issues.

Izzie wants to scrub in on a surgery, but her therapist won't clear her until she deposits Denny's check. She finally deposits the check while sobbing.

George's father has the second surgery. Burke tells George to watch for kidney output and when George discovers a good amount of urine, he and Callie celebrate and then kiss.

Cristina and Burke continue the silent treatment, even though Cristina desperately wants to know how his hand is. Addison and Alex almost kiss but are interrupted by a nurse.

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3x12 "Six Days: Part 2" (OAD 1/18/07)

George's family looks to him to decide whether or not to take his dad off of life support. He decides to take him off. All the interns are upset about what George is going through.

Cristina and Burke still aren't talking to each other. Cristina finds out that he hasn't had any tremors since his surgery.

Izzie gives an anonymous $300,000 donation to help one of her patients. Bailey says she is getting overly involved again, but Izzie says that she is a person who gets emotionally involved and she's not going to apologize. Bailey nods.

Derek is bothered by Meredith's snoring. Meredith asks her father if he snores. He says he does and that wax ear plugs work. Derek goes to Meredith's to find her asleep with a box of ear plugs on his pillow.

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3x13 "Great Expectations" (OAD 1/25/07)

Callie begs Izzie to help her when George deals with his father's death by having lots of sex with Callie. She avoids him and Izzie tries to help. In the end, he talks to Callie about his dad and then asks her to marry him.

Bailey wants to start a free clinic. When she finds out that the chief is stepping down and wants her to do things for herself because she may be chief someday, she gets the attendings to sign off on her project. Izzie decides to provide the funding with her Denny money.

Addison, Mark, Derek, and Burke vie for chief. Webber says they are acting like clowns and won't talk to them. Webber resigns and goes home to Adele, but she tells him that he's too late. Cristina gives in and talks to Burke. He asks her to marry him.

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3x14 "Wishin and Hopin" (OAD 2/1/07)

Meredith goes to the home and finds that her mother is lucid. She is taken to the hospital for a heart condition and tells Meredith that she is ordinary and a disappointment. After a few hours, she is no longer lucid.

George and Callie announce that they were married in Vegas and George stands up for Callie when his friends make fun of their marriage.

Cristina says she doesn't do rings but will marry Burke. Izzie is obsessing over the fact that she spent so much money for the free clinic and there are no patients.

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3x15 "Walk on Water" (OAD 2/8/07)

Derek pulls Meredith out of the bathtub when she stays under water too long. A barge hits a ferry boat and there are multiple injuries and many of the doctors go to the scene. Meredith finds a little girl who is lost, and the girl sticks with her. After Meredith helps a man, he is in so much pain that he accidentally pushes her into the water, and she doesn't come up.

Alex pulls a pregnant woman out from under some pylons. She grabs his hand on the scene and in the hospital.

Cristina doesn't want Burke to tell anyone they're engaged until she tells Meredith, but when Derek confides in him, Burke tells Derek, which upsets Cristina.

Izzie tries to help a man trapped under rubble while George tries to find a boy for his mother.

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3x16 "Drowning on Dry Land" (OAD 2/15/07)

Cristina looks for Meredith to tell her of the engagement.

Derek pulls Meredith out of the water and they rush to the hospital. George thinks she might die and Izzie says she has hope. She also says that she thinks George made a mistake by marrying Callie, but they are survivors and they will get through it. Meredith knows she's dead when she sees the bomb squad guy and Denny.

George continues to look for the lost kid and finally finds him on Callie's operating table.

Alex takes pictures of the dead and wounded so that those waiting can identify them, but no one claims the pregnant woman.

Izzie drills into a man's brain in the field and saves his life. Webber takes her off of probation.

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3x17 "Some Kind of Miracle" (OAD 2/22/07)

Dead Meredith talks to Denny and bomb squad guy and then Ellis' scrub nurse shows up and Bonnie, the girl who died after the train wreck. Denny asks her what happened in the water and she says that she fought, but then she gave up.

Bailey and Webber try to save Meredith, but it's not going well. Derek yells at Ellis, saying it's her fault, but Addison stops him. A bit later, Ellis dies and Meredith sees her. Ellis tells her she is anything but ordinary and to run. Meredith runs and wakes up with Cristina by her side.

Izzie fights with Callie, and George gets mad at Izzie. She later apologizes, but he walks away from her. Addison will give Mark a chance if he refrains from sex for two months.

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3x18 "Scars and Souvenirs" (OAD 3/15/07)

Colin Marlow comes to the hospital as a possible replacement for Webber. Burke is excited to meet him until he finds out that Colin and Cristina had a three-year relationship.

Thatcher's wife suggests Meredith have dinner with them. Meredith does it at her house so that Derek can be there. Meredith and Thatcher are both nervous, but Susan works to smooth things over.

George finds out that Callie is rich, and they fight when she finds out Izzie knows. George and Izzie forgive each other and bond over alcohol, only to wake up in bed together the next day.

Alex gets even closer with the pregnant patient he'd pulled from the ferry boat scene. No one has claimed her and she can't remember anything from before the accident.

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3x19 "My Favorite Mistake" (OAD 3/22/07)

The attendings have meetings with the board to present their plans in interviews for chief. Derek's does not go well because he's distracted by thoughts of Meredith wanting to drown.

Meredith does a bone graft on Jane Doe with Mark.

Izzie sneaks out of her bed before George wakes up. George doesn't remember what happened. Callie's father is in town and George has lunch with him. During lunch, he remembers sleeping with Izzie. He goes to talk to her and tells her that he is not going to tell Callie.

Alex stays with Jane Doe, who is now going by the name Ava after her face surgery. Cristina tells Burke that she wants a small wedding at the justice of the peace.

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3x20 "Time After Time" (OAD 4/19/07)

The adoptive parents of Izzie's eleven year old find her to tell her that Hannah needs a bone marrow transplant. Izzie doesn't know what to do, but Bailey and then George help her through it and she does donates the marrow.

Callie knows that George was with Izzie, but he lies about it to protect Izzie's secret. Derek finds out that Webber doesn't want him to be chief because he'd made a promise to Ellis to take care of Meredith.

Ava's parents are found and she bonds with them, but the mother tells Alex that she is not their daughter. Alex has to tell Ava and she gets mad at him. Susan brings groceries and wants to have a relationship with Meredith and Meredith finally agrees.

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3x21 "Desire" (OAD 4/26/07)

Addison sleeps with Alex, and Mark finds out. He tells Addison that it's over because he slept with someone. Addison wants to hang out with Alex, but he tells her that she's not his girlfriend and he's busy.

George and Izzie keep running into cases of infidelity, and Callie talks to Izzie, saying that she can't compete with Izzie's friendship and to please stay away from him. George decides to transfer to Mercy West.

Derek tells Meredith that he doesn't know if he can continue breathing for her. She gets upset and leaves his trailer. Burke tries to get Cristina to pick a wedding cake flavor, but she's just not into it.

The interns are studying for a big test.

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3x22 "The Other Side of This Life: Part 1" (OAD 5/3/07)

Addison takes a leave of absence and goes to visit her friend Naomi at Oceanside Medical Center in L.A. While there, she helps out with a patient. She also asks Naomi, a fertility specialist, to help her get pregnant, but the tests show that she can't have children.

Mark is mad at Alex for driving Addison away. Meredith's step mom has surgery for acid reflux and hiccups. Callie, Meredith, and Izzie agree to be Cristina's bridesmaids. Her mother and Burke's mother show up to plan the wedding, and Burke tells his mother that Cristina is not cold.

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3x23 "The Other Side of This Life: Part 2" (OAD 5/3/07)

Susan is rushed into surgery for sepsis. Meredith tells her that she's going to be fine. Meredith comes out crying and tells her father they did everything they could. He shakes his head and then he slaps her.

Burke tries to convince his mother that Cristina is right for him and she says that if Cristina is so right, then why is he yelling at his mother?

Izzie tells George that she doesn't want him to leave. It's not fair that she has to lose her best friend. They kiss until George pulls away.

George continues to wonder if he's made a mistake marrying Callie. He asks Burke if it's possible to be in love with two women at the same time.

At Oceanside Wellness, they invite Addison to stay and be part of the practice, but she declines.

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3x24 "Testing 1-2-3" (OAD 5/10/07)

Meredith's father comes into the hospital and tells her not to come to Susan's funeral. He and Susan trusted her and she killed Susan.

The interns take their first-year medical exams.

Burke's best man is not able to make the wedding so Burke asks Derek to be his best man. Derek throws an informal bachelor party at Joe's.

Adele comes to the hospital and talks to Addison because she is pregnant. Richard sees her and she goes into the bathroom. He says things through the door, but when she doesn't answer, he goes in and finds her on the ground, bleeding.

George gets a position at Mercy West, and Izzie tells him not to go. Bailey is hurt that he would leave after they've put so much time into him.

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3x25 "Didn't We Almost Have It All?" (OAD 5/17/07)

When Adele wakes up, Addison looks for a heartbeat and finds it but then has to do a D&C. Richard stays with her. Adele tells him that he is the father.

Cristina freaks out when it's time to go down the aisle for her wedding, but Meredith talks her down. Burke goes to Cristina and she says she is ready. He says that he is trying to change her and then he leaves. Meredith has to announce that the wedding is over, and it seems that she and Derek might be over as well.

The interns receive their exam results and George didn't pass. Callie was named chief resident and talked George into having a baby with her.

While George cleans out his locker, the new interns come in. One introduces herself as Lexie Grey.