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GridPane Example

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This JavaFX example code shows how to use the GridPane layout. The JavaFX scene is made up of GridPane containing a number of Text controls. The GridPane is used to position the Text controls in a table format.

Java Code

import javafx.application.Application;
import javafx.scene.Scene;
import javafx.scene.layout.GridPane;
import javafx.stage.Stage;
import javafx.geometry.Insets;
import javafx.scene.text.Text;
import javafx.scene.text.Font;
import javafx.scene.text.FontWeight;
import javafx.geometry.HPos;

public class GridPaneExample extends Application {
 public void start(Stage primaryStage) {
 //Create a GridPane for the Text Controls
 GridPane playerGrid = new GridPane();
 playerGrid.setPadding(new Insets(0, 10, 0, 10));

 //The title for the table spans for columns of the GridPane
 Text title = new Text("Top Scorers in English Premier League");
 title.setFont(Font.font("Arial", FontWeight.BOLD, 20));
 playerGrid.add(title, 0,0,4,1);

 //Each set of three Text controls makes up a row of the table
 Text rankTitle = new Text("Rank");
 rankTitle.setFont(Font.font("Arial", FontWeight.BOLD, 20));
 playerGrid.add(rankTitle, 0,3);

 Text playerTitle = new Text("Player");
 playerTitle.setFont(Font.font("Arial", FontWeight.BOLD, 20));
 playerGrid.add(playerTitle, 1,3);

 Text goalTitle = new Text("Goals");
 goalTitle.setFont(Font.font("Arial", FontWeight.BOLD, 20));
 playerGrid.add(goalTitle, 2,3);

 Text rank1 = new Text("1");
 rank1.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(rank1, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(rank1, 0,4);

 Text player1 = new Text("Alan Shearer");
 player1.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 playerGrid.add(player1, 1,4);

 Text goals1 = new Text("260");
 goals1.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(goals1, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(goals1, 2,4);

 Text rank2 = new Text("2");
 rank2.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(rank2, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(rank2, 0,5);

 Text player2 = new Text("Andrew Cole");
 player2.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 playerGrid.add(player2, 1,5);

 Text goals2 = new Text("187");
 goals2.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(goals2, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(goals2, 2,5);

 Text rank3 = new Text("3");
 rank3.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(rank3, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(rank3, 0,6);

 Text player3 = new Text("Thierry Henry");
 player3.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 playerGrid.add(player3, 1,6);

 Text goals3 = new Text("175");
 goals3.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(goals3, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(goals3, 2,6);
 Text rank4 = new Text("4");
 rank4.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(rank4, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(rank4, 0,7);

 Text player4 = new Text("Frank Lampard");
 player4.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 playerGrid.add(player4, 1,7);

 Text goals4 = new Text("165");
 goals4.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(goals4, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(goals4, 2,7);

 Text rank5 = new Text("5");
 rank5.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(rank5, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(rank5, 0,8);

 Text player5 = new Text("Robbie Fowler");
 player5.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 playerGrid.add(player5, 1,8);

 Text goals5 = new Text("162");
 goals5.setFont(Font.font("Arial", 16));
 GridPane.setHalignment(goals5, HPos.CENTER);
 playerGrid.add(goals5, 2,8);
 Scene scene = new Scene(playerGrid, 500, 500);
 primaryStage.setTitle("Goal Scorers!");

 * The main() method is ignored in correctly deployed JavaFX application.
 * main() serves only as fallback in case the application can not be
 * launched through deployment artifacts, e.g., in IDEs with limited FX
 * support. NetBeans ignores main().
 * @param args the command line arguments
 public static void main(String[] args) {