Grim Reaper Nearly Brought Death

The Grim Reaper
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Let me lay the groundwork for this story. I had gone through a divorce a year before and my immediate family had moved for work. So I moved into a family home (West Monroe, Louisiana) that was built by hand and several generations had previously lived in.

I pretty much always had a friend visiting, so one night just before midnight, a friend and I were watching TV when the dog started barking. When we walked out to see what was going on, the dog was nowhere to be seen.

While we were outside, we heard what sounded like someone running through the house. So we ran into the house and nothing was there except a couple of muddy footprints on the white rug.

So I ran out the front and my friend went out the back door and we met in the driveway where there was nothing. We looked around a little longer, never could find the dog. As I turned to go in, an extremely tall, black-cloaked figure walked slowly in front of the garage the back of the house. I froze in fear! I couldn't say anything. The figure got half way and turned and looked at me, then took a couple of steps and vanished.

When I unfroze, my friend grabbed a gun and we went searching around. We even fired one shot in the air. So about a week went by and nothing else happened... until one day I was alone. Two guys about my age pulled up and claimed we were old long lost friends. I had no idea at the time who they were, but they kept wanting me to go for a joyride in their car.

I wasn't getting in, so they left.

They came back about 30 minutes later and started to beat me until I was unconscious. (I think they thought I was dead.) When it was all said and done, it was my ex-wife's boyfriend, who later killed a cop in Texas. Months later, a neighbor said during that week he swore he saw someone in all black in a tree.

Not any regular tree, though; the first limb is about 40 feet off the ground. So I truly believe that was a visit from the Grim Reaper.

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