Guide to Graduate School Admissions

Let's face it, applying to graduate school is a complicated process. What do you do and, more importantly, when do you do it? What are letters of recommendation? What's the GRE? When do you begin preparing for graduate school? These are just a few of the many questions that I receive from readers each week.

Applying to graduate school can be confusing, frustrating, and a tiresome process. Reduce the hassles by learning about the admissions process. Here's everything that you need to know to get into graduate school:

Overviews and Timetables

What to Do the Summer Before You Apply


Books on Applying to Graduate School

Top Books About Graduate Admissions

Top 5 Graduate Admissions Books


Making Decisions: Is Graduate School for You?

Making Decisions about Grad School

Choosing a Graduate Program

Your Undergraduate Major and Grad School Program

Applying to a Graduate Program within a Specific Field

Business School

Other Fields of Study


Applying to Graduate School

Application Components

Admissions Exams


My GRE Experience

GRE Resources

Practice Tests

Subject Test

Strategies and Tips

Writing Section

Frequently Asked Questions About the GRE


GMAT Resources

Analytical Writing Assessment of the GMAT

GMAT Test Prep Books


LSAT Resources


MCAT Resources

MCAT: Writing Sample

About the MCAT

MCAT Advice

MCAT Test Prep


Dental Admissions Test


Admissions Essay

Essay Writing

Law Admissions: Personal Statement


Recommendation Letters

Letters of Recommendation

Writing Letters of Recommendation

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Recommendation Letter FAQs

Improving Your Application

The Interview

Interview Advice


Medical School Interview

Business School Interview


After the Application

Financial Aid

International Students

Study Abroad: World Wide

Study in the US


Moving for Graduate School

Graduate Living Options

Moving Tips

Ease the Transition to Grad School

Back to School

Top Grad School Survival Books

Surviving Graduate School

Organization Tips for Graduate Students

Scientific and Professional Ethics

Studying With Baby

Getting a Job After Graduate School