Guide to Graduate School Admissions

Let's face it, applying to graduate school is a complicated process. What do you do and, more importantly, when do you do it? What are letters of recommendation? What's the GRE? When do you begin preparing for graduate school? These are just a few of the many questions that I receive from readers each week.

Applying to graduate school can be confusing, frustrating, and a tiresome process. Reduce the hassles by learning about the admissions process.

Here's everything that you need to know to get into graduate school:

Overviews and Timetables

Overviews and Timetables

Grad Admissions Timetable for Juniors

Senior-Year Timetable for Applications

Timeline to Apply to Law School

What to Do the Summer Before You Apply


Books on Applying to Graduate School

Before You Buy Books About Graduate School

Top Books About Graduate Admissions

Top Books for Psychology Applicants and Grad Students

Top 5 Graduate Admissions Books


Making Decisions: Is Graduate School for You?

Should You Go to Grad School?

Apply Now or Later?

Making Decisions about Grad School

Choosing a Graduate Program

Choosing a Graduate Program

How to Choose a Graduate Program

Selecting Graduate Programs

Your Undergraduate Major and Grad School Program

MA vs. PhD

Accredited Institutions


Applying to a Graduate Program within a Specific Field

Business School

Law School

Medical School

Education Programs

Psychology Programs

Other Fields of Study


Applying to Graduate School

What Do Graduate Schools Want?

Components of an Application

Applying with a Low GPA

Applying for a Second Graduate Degree

Preparing for Law School Admissions

Preparing for Med School Admissions

Preparing for Business School Admissions


Application Components


Standardized Admissions Exams

Admissions Essay

Letters of Recommendation



Admissions Exams


GRE Test Prep Books

My GRE Experience

Get Acquainted with the Graduate Record Exam

GRE Resources

Guide to the GRE

Practice Tests

Subject Test

Components of all 8 Subject Tests

Strategies and Tips

Writing Section

About the GRE Subject Tests

GRE: Analytical Writing Section

Frequently Asked Questions About the GRE

The New GRE – Starting Fall 2007


Introduction to the GMAT

GMAT Resources

Analytical Writing Assessment of the GMAT

GMAT Test Prep Books


LSAT Resources

About the LSAT

Top LSAT Prep Books



Introduction to the MCAT

MCAT Resources

MCAT: Writing Sample

MCAT: Writing Sample Info

MCAT Primer

About the MCAT

MCAT Advice

MCAT Test Prep


Dental Admissions Test


Admissions Essay

Preparation and Your Graduate Admissions Essay

Admissions Essay Advice

Essay Writing

Purpose of the Personal Statement

Writing Your Personal Statement: Trouble Starting?

Common Essay Questions

Do’s and Don’ts on a Personal Statement

Structure and Organization of a Personal Statement

Questions to Ask Yourself before Writing Your Essay

Low GPA and Personal Statement

Law Admissions: Personal Statement


Recommendation Letters

All About Recommendation Letters

Letters of Recommendation

Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendation

Questions about Letters

Writing Letters of Recommendation

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation for Midlife Applicants to Graduate School

Recommendation Letter FAQs

Sample Recommendation Letter from an Employer

Sample Recommendation Letter from a Professor 1

Sample Recommendation Letter from a Professor 2

Thanking your Recommenders

Sample Thank You Letter


Improving Your Application

Research Experience: A Ticket to Graduate School

Getting Research Experience

How to Get Research Experience


The Interview

What You Need to Know About Grad School Interview

Interview Advice

Interview: What to Ask

Preparing for the Interview

Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

Common Interview Questions

Interview with a Vamp..., I Mean, Grad School


Medical School Interview

Business School Interview


After the Application

After Submitting the Application: Contacting Faculty

Accepted? Now What?

How to Decide which Offer to Accept?

Sample Letter – Accepting an Offer

Sample Letter – Declining an Offer

What to do when Waitlisted?

Dealing with Rejection

What to do when you are Rejected?

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Types of Aid for Graduate Students


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Teaching Assistantship: Funding Graduate School

Financial Aid Options

Aid for International Students


International Students

Study Abroad: World Wide

Study in the US


Moving for Graduate School

Graduate Living Options

Moving Tips

Finding and Securing an Apartment


Ease the Transition to Grad School

Back to School

What Grad School is Like

Top Grad School Survival Books

Time Management for New Grad Students

Tips for New Grad Students: Get Organized

Grad School is Different from College

Guide to Mentors and Advisors

When it Comes to Learning, Grad School is a Whole New World

Transitioning to Grad School


Surviving Graduate School

Surviving Grad School

Surviving and Succeeding in Graduate School

Study Tips

Make the Most of your Study Time

Writing Your Curriculum Vitae

My Law School Journey

Reading Strategies: SQ3R Method

Reading: Improve Your Comprehension and Efficiency

Getting Started in Research: Your Research Journal

All About Graduate Advisors

Public Speaking: Conquer Your Anxiety About Speaking

10 Survival Tips for Mature Students

Stress Management for Students

Time Management and Procrastination

Organization Tips for Graduate Students

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

How to Behave at a Presentation

College Teaching

Scientific and Professional Ethics

Thesis and Dissertation Advice

Changing your Name while in Grad School

Studying With Baby

Professional Development for Grad Students

Getting a Job After Graduate School