All About Land Paddling aka Street SUP

 Chances are you've been to the beach or the park and  seen a person on a skateboard, pushing themselves along with some kind of pole.  If it's peaked your interest, here's all the information you'll need to learn about and get started in the wonderful world of Street SUP and landpaddling. 

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The words "land" and "paddling" just don't seem to go together.  And yet, this new sport is just that.  A cross between skateboarding and standup paddleboarding, land paddling has taken the fitness, skating, and paddling worlds by storm.  Learn about this sport here. More »

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 While this sport might seem like a fad, I can assure you it is not.  Whether or not it gains the acceptance that other fitness sports has still remains to be seen.  But, it is here to stay.  Here are five reasons why you'll want to learn this new and upcoming sport.  More »

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 If you've never skateboarded before you may assume that this sport isn't for you.  The fear of falling and shaky balance might overwhelm any genuine interest you may have in the sport.  Read this article before making any decisions away from the sport.  Here you will learn how to slowly and safely get acclimated to standing on a longboard. More »

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 Once you are comfortable standing and balancing on a longboard, you're ready to land paddle.  You'll need to learn the forward stroke, pushing with your foot, how to turn, and how to slow down and stop.  Here are the steps to take to begin paddling down the road. More »

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 There's not much to Street SUP. There's a longboard skateboard, a paddle or stick, and some personal safety gear.  That's it!  This will inform you on each of the items you'll need to get started.  Also contained in this piece are the main brands leading the way in development and innovation in this new sport of landboarding.   More »

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 Land paddles are really simple.  And, like any article of sporting goods they vary in price.  In this case you can get one on the cheap side for $50 and pay upwards of $200.  Of course, with how simple they are you could always make one yourself.  Here's what you'll need. More »

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 With supplies in hand, you're ready to construct your very own land paddle.  From simple and utilitarian to complex and nice, these instructions will help you put it all together.  But, be careful.  When your friends see that you made your own, they're bound to ask you to do the same for them. More »

Get out There and Ride!

So, whether you like to standup paddleboard, skateboard, longboard, surf, or just are interested in fitness, the sport of land boarding is for you. And, with how new this all is, maybe you're just the person with the next great idea that will innovate and take the sport of Street SUP to the next level.
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