Guru Har Rai Gurpurab Events And Holidays

Commemorating Seventh Guru ji's Birth, Inauguration and Death

Guru Har Rai is known best for his compassionate and forgiving nature, caring about both plants, and animals, as well as loving all of humanity.

A gurpurab is commemorative holiday event, and is observed with a Sikh worship service which includes celebrating with kirtan, the singing of divine hymns, and partaking of a sacred meal from the guru's free langar kitchen.

Artistic Impression of Guru Har Rai
Artistic Impression of Guru Har Rai. Photo © [Angel Originals]

When, and where, did Guru Har Rai Ji's prakash take place, and when is his gurpurab commemorated?

In Sikhism, the birth of an enlightened being is referred to as prakash and is considered to be the "dawning of spiritual illumination."

Guru Har Ra was born at Kiratpur, in the month of Magh, on the 13th day Sudi in the year 1687 S.V., or January 16, 1630 A.D. of the western calendar.

According to the Nanakshahi Sikhism calendar conversions, Guru Har Rai Ji's birth, or prakash gurpurab is designated as a fixed date to be observed on January 31st each year. More »

Guru Har Rai Ji's Inaguration Day (Gadee Divas)

When, and where, did Sixth Guru Har Rai Ji's guru gadee divas take place, and when is it commemorated?

In Sikhism, the inaugural commemoration of the guru is known as guru gadee divas, meaning the "day of divine enthronement" and refers to the guru being infused by Nanak jot the singular spiritual illumination and radiance of the divine enlightener.

The deceased eldest son of Sixth Guru Har Govind had two sons. The eldest of these Dhir Mal felt that he should be the heir to his grandfather Guru Har Govind Ji's throne and set himself up accordingly. Guru Har Govind however passed over the prideful Dhir Mal, and chose his humble younger grandson as a successor better suited to serving the Sikhs and named him Seventh Guru Har Rai.

Seventh Guru Har Rai Ji's inauguration took place at Kiratpur on 5th day of Vadi the waning moon in the dark half of the month of Chet year 1701 SV, or March 3, 1644 of the Julian calendar and March 19, 1644 A.D. of the modern day Gregorian calendar.

Guru Har Rai Ji's inauguration guru gadee divas gurpurab is commemorated as a fixed date, and observed each year according to the Nanakshahi calendar on March 19th each year.

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Guru Har Rai Ji's Joti Jot (Death)

When, and where, did Guru Har Rai Ji's joti jot occur, and when is it commemorated?

The soul's departure from the mortal body at the time of death to blend with the radiance of the supreme immortal is a concept known in Sikhism as "joti jot" a term which translates to mean "light merges into light."

Guru Har Rai overlooked his eldest son Ram Rai the dissenter, and appointed his youngest son Eighth Guru Har Krishan as most fitting to be his successor. The seventh guru departed his earthly body at Kiratpur, on Sunday the 9th day of Vadi, during the waning moon in the month of Katak in the year 1718 SV, or October 6, 1661 of the Julian Calendar, and October 20, 1661 of the modern day Gregorian calendar.

According to the Nanakshahi calendar, the commemoration of Guru Har J'is joti jot is a fixed gupurab date, and is observed each year on October 20th.

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