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Gutierrez is a patronymic name meaning "son of Gutierre" (son of Walter). Walter is a Gremanic name meaning "he who rules," and Gutierre is the Spanish word meaning the same thing.

Gutierrez is the 24th most common Hispanic surname.

Surname Origin


Alternate Surname Spellings

Gutierres, Guterrez, Guterres, Guterez, Guteres, Butierrez, Butierres

Famous People With the Surname Gutierrez

  • Esteban Manuel Gutiérrez Gutiérrez (born 1991): Mexican Formula One racing and Mercedes test driver
  • Richard Gutierrez (born 1984): Filipino film and television actor and commercial model
  • Ruffa Gutierrez (born 1974): Filipina actress, model and beauty queen, Ms. World
  • Luis Vicente Gutiérrez (born 1953): U.S. politician from Illinois
  • Sidney M. Gutierrez (born 1951): retired USAF colonel and NASA astronaut

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