HALL - Name Meaning & Origin

The Hall surname has several possible derivations, including geographic, descriptive, and occupational:

  1. A place name derived from various words for "hall" or "spacious house," usually used to signify someone who lived in or worked in a large hall or manor house. From the Middle English hall, Old English heall, Middle High German halle and Old Norse holl.
  2. From the Norse hale and Anglo-Saxon haele, meaning "hero."
  3. Possibly an old Norse word for "boulder, slope," thus meaning someone who lived on a slope.
  4. Possibly from the Norwegian hallr, meaning "flint."

Hall is the 30th most popular surname in the United States and the 20th most common in England.

Surname Origin: English, Scottish, Irish, German, Scandinavian

Alternate Surname Spellings: HALLE, HAALL, HAUL, HAULL, HAWL, HOLL

Famous People With the Last Name HALL

  • Lloyd Augustus Hall - Chemist and inventor
  • Donald Hall - poet
  • Charles Martin Hall - inventor of the aluminum manufacturing process
  • Joyce Hall - founder of Hallmark Cards
  • G. Stanley Hall - American psychologist; established the concept of child psychology and founded Clark University.
  • Arsenio Hall - American actor, comedian, and first Black late-night talk show host

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