8 Halloween Costumes to Keep You Bone-Dry

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A Rainy Halloween Forecast?

Man under orange umbrella
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Nothing puts a damper on your Halloween party or trick-or-treat plans like a chance of rain on Halloween night. You could carry an umbrella or poncho and ruin your costume theming, or you could weave the weather into your costume design with these weather-proof suggestions! 

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Professor Henry Jones, Sr. (Indiana Jones)

Professor Henry Jones
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If the threat of rain is mild, meet the damp weather in dapper style as Henry Jones Sr.—Indiana Jones' father (Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade). As an added bonus, if you should need to scare away any seagulls, you're covered. 

To recreate the look:

  • Dark brown 3-piece suit
  • White dress shirt or blouse w/collar
  • Black bow tie
  • Brown and black houndstooth bucket-style hat
  • Rimless wire glasses
  • Brown briefcase (optional)
  • Black umbrella w/wooden hook handle
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Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka mushroom umbrella
YouTube screen capture

If you'd like to stay dry and honor the king of candy and the late Mr. Gene Wilder this Halloween, Willy Wonka is the way to go. During the "Land of Candy" scene in the 1971 film, Mr. Wonka skewers a candy mushroom with his walking cane and voila! creates an edible mushroom umbrella! You won't care if it's raining, snowing, or if a hurricane's a-blowing!

To recreate the look: 

  • Purple paisley or flower-print dress shirt or blouse
  • Purple (brushed velour) long blazer
  • Khaki pants
  • Khaki bow tie
  • Brown top hat
  • Lime green kid's umbrella (paint white and green spots on it to duplicate the mushroom in the scene) 
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Morton Salt Girl

umbrella girl billboard
Raymond Boyd / Getty Images

Just like its slogan ("When it rains, it pours") the "Umbrella Girl" logo is a sign that wet weather won't slow you down—which is the attitude you're going for on an ominous October night. Better yet, because the logo (which dates back to 1914!) is one of the ten best-known logos in the US, everyone will know who you are...and think you're the wiser for it!

To recreate the look:

  • Yellow long-sleeve or short sleeve dress
  • White tights or leggings
  • Light purple umbrella
  • Can of Morton's salt
  • Yellow ballet flats
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Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)

Pooh Christopher Robin rain flood
Youtube screen capture

If the weather will be especially soggy, take a page out of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh and play Christopher Robin. 

To recreate the look:

  • Yellow Raincoat
  • Yellow rain bonnet and/or black umbrella 
  • Yellow polo t-shirt
  • Blue or navy Bermuda shorts
  • Black rain boots
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Jiminy Cricket (Pinnochio)

Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio umbrella
YouTube screen capture

You're no fool with this costume idea!

To recreate the look:

  • Khakhi pants (or skirt)
  • Red-orange vest
  • white or cream shirt underneath with collar turned up
  • Gold ascot
  • Black or dark brown long blazer   
  • Sky blue top hat with gold band
  • Black or gray shoes  
  • Red umbrella
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Paddington Bear

MCM London Comic Con
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Kids and fans of children's literature will enjoy dressing as Paddington, who is always dressed for the bad weather. Oh! And don't forget the marmalade sandwich underneath your hat, in case you work up an appetite along the way.

To recreate the look:

  • Blue duffle/rain/trench coat
  • A large note tag tied to coat that reads "Please look after this bear. Thank you."
  • Black or red bucket-style rain hat
  • Brown or khaki pants
  • Brown satchel suitcase
  • Red (or yellow) rain boots
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The Seventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who Stars
Larry Ellis Collection / Getty Images

The Seventh Doctor (portrayed by Sylvester McCoy) carried an umbrella as part of his day-to-day outfit, whether the occasion called for it or not.  

To recreate the look:

  • White dress shirt or blouse w/collar
  • Red or brown paisley scarf
  • Red paisley tie
  • Yellow pullover vest with red question marks and blue-green zigzag patterns
  • Brown plaid pants
  • Chocolate brown blazer
  • Cream-colored Panama hat with upturned brim
  • Black umbrella with a red question mark-shaped handle
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Jim Cantore/Storm Chaser

storm chaser in a hurricane
PeopleImages / Getty Images

If the weather's got you feeling anything but festive, consider a low-key costume idea -- go as your favorite TV storm-chasing meteorologist!  

To recreate the look:

  • Baseball cap (with NOAA, TWC, Accuweather, Wunderground emblem if possible)
  • Waterproof jacket w/hood
  • Black or khaki pants/shorts
  • Black fitted shirt
  • "Duck" boots or hiking boots
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