Halloween Dot to Dots to Support Basic Counting Skills

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A Dot to Dot of a Witch for Counting to Ten

A dot-to-dot of a witch that goes to ten. Websterlearning

Many young children with disabilities have difficulty learning and retaining counting the cardinal numbers to ten. At the same time, they are enthusiastic about Halloween, right up there with Christmas as a favorite holiday. We have some simple dot to dots to 10 and 20 for the Halloween season. I doubted the effectiveness of using a dot to dot, until I heard one of my challenged counters counting out loud as she made her way from 1 to 20 on a dot to dot. Good practice, I think.

Dot to dots alone will not teach cardinality, but they certainly provide one way to practice counting alongside giant number lines, Unifix cubes, and other concrete ways to practice counting.

This ugly witch dot to dot goes up to ten. Once her hat is outlined, encourage your students to color her hat black.

Free printable Dot-to-dot pdf of a witch.

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A Ghost Dot to Dot Counting from One to Ten

A ghost dot to dot counting to ten. Websterlearning

This spooky ghost gives your emerging counters practice in counting from one to ten. This dot to dot grabs your student's imaginations as they practice counting to ten. It also helps build eye to hand coordination and fine motor skills.

A free printable dot to dot of a Ghost.

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A Jack-o-Lantern Dot to Dot to Ten

A dot to dot to ten of a Jack-O-Lantern. Websterlearning

This simple dot-to-dot of a a Jack-O-Lantern provides practice counting to ten. It also makes a simple art project that your students will appreciate. Once the dot to dot is connected, your students can color the pumpkin orange as well as coloring the eyes and mouth either yellow or black.

A free printable pdf of the Jack-O-Lantern dot to dot.

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A Halloween Cat Dot to Dot Supports Counting to Twenty

A Dot-to-dot to 20 of a Halloween Cat. Websterlearning

This cat is for students who are mastering the numbers between ten and 20. This cat arches his back to frighten away whatever is frightening him. He is not, of course, complete without being colored black, so encourage your students to finish him with a black crayon.

A Halloween Cat dot to dot for counting to 20