Halloween Fonts - Alphabetical Listing

Dripping Blood Fonts and Scary Halloween Dingbats

The dripping blood fonts are especially popular around Halloween — even in black they look like they've been dipped in or written in blood. Add a little graphic enhancement from scary Halloween dingbat fonts and you've got the perfect font for Halloween Web pages, Halloween party posters and invitations or decorations. There are also a handful of less scary fonts for a more classy Halloween. Browse this alphabetical list.

FE 10 Lil Ghosts
Font Environment
The name of the font says it all. More would be nice, but they are cute. More »
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Blood of Dracula

Blood of Dracula Sample
An Old English type font from Brad O. Nelson is dipped in blood.
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Sample of Bloodfeast
An ALL CAPS dripping blood font by Brad O. Nelson with little 'drops of blood' all around. More »
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Bloodgutter 99

Sample of Bloodgutter 99
© J. Howard Bear
Graham Meade created this light, skinny sans serif font with the drips.
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Sample of Bloody
James Fordyce crafted this ALL CAPS dripping blood font with little drips from the letters.
Sample of Manson Nights
© J. Howard Bear
These bold bleeding letters created by Ben Nathan almost have a stencil look to them. More »
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Double Feature

Sample of Double Feature
Reminiscent of old classic horror movies (probably the reason for the name). ALL CAPS font but a few of the 'lower case' characters are slightly different from their 'upper case' counterparts.
Gargoyles de France Halloween Font
These aren't your typical gargoyles of stone. Find fun images of grotesque characters in this cool Halloween dingbat font. More »
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Gothic Ultra

Gothic Ultra free font.

 Just the barest hint of horror. See how you can use this calligraphy style font for Halloween.

Free Halloween Font GroovyGhosties
Some of the ghosts-shaped-liked-letters are difficult to decipher but on the plus side there are numbers and several common marks of punctuation. This Halloween dingbat comes from Ray Larabie. More »
Free Halloween Font Halloween Borders
A nicely drawn collection of jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and tombstones that work well individually as well as put together for spooky borders and frames. More »
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Hidden Halloween Monsters

Hidden Halloween Monsters
Hidden Halloween Monsters in Dingbat Fonts.

Monsters aren't just for Halloween but these dingbat fonts have lots of scary, goofy, or silly monsters and creature faces that make good Halloween clip art. Find Scary and Funny Monsters and Creature Faces in Dingbat Fonts such as BitsBats and Brian Powers Doodle.

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Hidden Halloween People

Hidden Halloween Dingbats
Hidden Halloween Dingbats.
Not traditional Halloween fonts, the images in these fonts can still help you carry out a spooky theme. Find Real People, Characters, Entertainers in Dingbat Fonts such as KISS My Font and Anarquia.
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Hidden Halloween Symbols

Hidden Halloween Symbols
© J. Howard Bear

Some otherwise tame dingbat fonts full of business-like symbols sometimes contain a few Halloween-appropriate images as well. Find Skulls, Ghosts, Spiders, Pirates in Dingbat Fonts such as Webdings and Eller.

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Free Halloween Font iLL oCtoBer
Nice selection of traditional Halloween images including witch, black cat, skulls, tombstone, ghosts, and bats in a cut-out style are in this free Halloween font. Also has devilish faces, shapes, and symbols. More »
Free Halloween Font iLL oCtoBer 98
© J. Howard Bear
Lots of nice simple cut-outs of classic Halloween images and more symbols. If you already have the earlier iLL oCtoBer, you'll find only a few different dings. More »
Free Halloween Font MonsterParty
Free Halloween Font MonsterParty.
These are some nicely rendered images of classic monsters, creatures, and actors from the movies and TV. More »
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Free Halloween Font Pumpkinese
Free Halloween Font Pumpkinese.
Not a particularly exciting font, but readable. Could appeal to young children with its clear letters and simple pumpkin shapes. More »
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Riesling TrueType Font.

Not your typical Halloween font. See how it works well for a more understated Halloween theme. 

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Rispa Regular Free Font.

It won't overpower your gruesome graphics but it's no wallflower font either. See how it can class up a Halloween party invitation

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Rocky AOE

Sample of Rocky AOE
Brian Bonislawsky based this bold dripping blood font on the lettering from my favorite cult film, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
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Sample of Shlop
Ray Larabie created this bloody mess, which is actually a very neat, orderly sans serif with a dripping blood problem. The name reminds me of that Big Brother Slop that replaced PB&J as the punishment food on the TV reality show. It could drive anyone to murder and mayhem... More »
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Free Halloween Font Skullz
Free Halloween Font Skullz.
There's more here than just a skull and crossbones, although there are several of those to choose from. It's a nice collection of skulls and bones in several styles. More »
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Yesterdays Meal

Yesterdays Meal.

A comic book font for Halloween? See how well it works with more light-hearted Halloween images.

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Bonus: Harry Potter Fonts

Harry Potter Fonts
Whether you are creating a Harry Potter fan page or just want to write a mystical message, here are some sources for the best Harry Potter fonts. Two of the most popular can be downloaded here. Explore the list for more great lightning bolt letters and magical characters.
Sampling of Web Alphabet

This is not a digital font. These are individual clip art letters featuring dripping blood that I created. Use them on Web pages. Depending on your inkjet printer, you might get suitable quality when printed on a card. More »

While there are hundreds of free Halloween fonts out there, sometimes the perfect font is one you purchase with the full confidence that it will be complete, professionally designed, in the format you prefer, and probably contain a lot more characters than most freebies. More »