Halloween Science Projects

Halloween Experiments & Educational Activities

Halloween is the perfect time for SCIENCE!
Halloween is the perfect time for SCIENCE!. Anne Helmenstine

Are you ready for some spooky science? These projects and experiments are just right for Halloween. Make your holiday educational as well as fun!

  • Glowing Ink can be used to write eerie glowing messages.


  • Make Colored Fire - Fire is fun, but colored fire can be spooky. Try adding a bit of color to your jack-o-lantern flame.


  • Make a Fizzy Potion - Halloween drinks can bubble and fizz like something a mad scientist might drink.


  • Dry Ice Crystal Ball - All you need is dry ice and bubble solution to create an eerie, long-lasting bubble that resembles a cloudy crystal ball.


  • Halloween Reaction - This clock reaction makes a spectacular Halloween demonstration since the colors change from orange to black. This demo is for the chemistry lab rather than home.


  • Smoke Bomb Jack-o-Lantern - Lighting a homemade smoke bomb inside of a jack-o-lantern is a lot of fun, plus it produces a ton of smoke.


  • Glowing Ice Crystal Ball - This glowing crystal ball is the perfect addition to any Halloween punchbowl, especially if you add a little dry ice, too.
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