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HARRIS Surname Meaning & Origin:

Harris is generally considered to mean "son of Harry." The given name Harry is a derivation of Henry, meaning "home ruler." Like many patronymic surnames, the surnames HARRIS and HARRISON are often found used interchangably in early records - sometimes with the same family.

Harris is the 24th most popular surname in the United States according to the 2000 census and the 22nd most common in England.

Surname Origin:

English, Welsh

Alternate Surname Spellings:


Fun Facts About the Harris Surname:

The popular Harris Tweed cloth takes its name from the Isle of Harris in Scotland. The cloth was originally handwoven by islanders on the Isles of Harris, Lewis, Uist and Barra in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, using local wool.

Famous People with the Surname HARRIS:

  • Arthur Harris - Marshal Arthur "Bomber" Harris, Commander in Chief of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command during World War II
  • Franco Harris - NFL running back, Pittsburgh Steelers. Best known for his immaculate reception during a 1972 AFC divisional playoff game
  • Bernard Harris - 1st African-American to walk in space
  • Jillian Harris - star of the reality TV show The Bachelorette, 5th season
  • Neil Patrick Harris - American actor
  • Mary Harris - early 1900s labor organizer; best known as Mother Jones

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