Pisces Full Moon - Updated for August 29th, 2015

Harvest Moon

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This year's Pisces Full Moon is on Saturday, August 29th, 2015 at 11:35 pm Pacific. 

What's misting miracles for you?  Read your forecast -- ' Pisces Full Moon in the Houses. Look for 6 degrees Pisces on your own birth chart.

Dreams or Nightmares?

Neptune (in Pisces) is a big planetary intoxicant at the Full Moon.  At 8 degrees Pisces, Neptune is in close orb to the luminaries, for a seductive or enchanting atmosphere.


It's also a SuperMoon (coined by astrologer Richard Nolle), meaning it's especially close to the Earth. 

What comes to mind is Neptune Pisces as muse, to lift us up to imaginative heights.  And yet, there is also the confusion about what's real and what's not.  And there's a danger, with energies so intensely charged, of fighting phantoms or losing vital energy to a fear current.

This comes by way of astrologer Gray Crawford, and speaks to going gently, when madness swirls around.  What he wrote on a previous Pisces Super Moon still applies:  "As there has been a lot of darkness and despair in current events, it would be wise to focus on self-care to purify and nourish our sense of self so that negativity around us does not lead us to turn it on ourselves."

And in her newsletter, Melody Scott Zindell shared these two messages for a Pisces Full Moon:

  • Recognize and embrace your deepest values and let inner and outer worthiness and beauty shine!
  • Clear out and clean up to create space for the magic and beauty to be seen.

Earthed Magic

Full Moons are renown as times of lunacy and hysteria, as well as ecstatic heights.

The commonsense sagacity of Virgo is a beautiful thing, and helps balance out fearful imaginings.  Jupiter is in Virgo, with the Sun and exactly opposite Moon-Neptune, hinting at a peak of practical magic. 

When too "in your head" and anxious, come back to your senses.  Trust your senses and your own ability to reason and know things.

It's an enchanting Full Moon to wonder at the natural harmony of nature, and experiment with seeing into the life that's emanating all around us. 

Harvesting Miracles (General Notes for Pisces Full Moon)

When the Moon is full in Pisces, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Virgo.  We're in the time of harvest, and these two Zodiac signs are keen gleaners.  In the vast sea of possibility, of what to experience or be moved by, they are signs of continual choice. 

This is a good one to rededicate yourself to your best choices.  Invite your allies seen and unseen to guide you, to rearrange and sort the pieces into new forms.  Pisces is a mutable sign, making it about dissolving, appearing and disappearing, fluid form.

Pisces is a water sign, with an emphasis on the imagination, unity with all life, spiritual longing, transcendence, mystical visions.

Full Moon in Pisces: healing, sharing intimacy with all of humanity, seeing beyond the surface of things, symbolic language and imagery, fantasy and escape, addiction, lost souls, the vast unknown, loss of Self, sacrifice or devotion, unconditional love.

This Full Moon illuminates: the depth of meaning in relationships and events; the wider mystery of why we're here; how we're merged as humans; the power of the collective heart impulse; divinely inspired creative ideas, chances to be a comfort in a dark time; vivid dreams of other realms and lives.

It's a Good Time to: feast on spiritual nourishment; start volunteering with children, animals, the elderly and vulnerable; get lost in your own imagination!; keep the schedule clear for daydreaming; take a long healing soak, or swim in the ocean; spend time past the monkey mind (in meditation or a walk in nature); go to the theatre or the cinema; see yourself as an infinite being; speak from the heart; let yourself feel deeply; be with those you love.