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Last Name Meaning & Genealogy Links for the Surname HARVEY

Meaning & Origin:

From the Breton first name Haerviu or Aeruiu, derived from the elements haer meaning "battle or carnage" and viu, meaning "worthy." In general it was used to refer to a soldier or someone who was "battle worthy."

It's also possible that the Harvey surname derives from the Old German personal name Herewig, from the elements hari "army" and wig "war."

Surname Origin:

English, Scottish, Irish

Alternate Surname Spellings:


Genealogy Resources for the Surname HARVEY:

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Tips and tricks for researching your HARVEY ancestors online.

HARVEY Family Genealogy Forum
Free message board is focused on descendants of Harvey ancestors around the world.

FamilySearch - HARVEY Genealogy
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HARVEY Surname Mailing List
Free mailing list for researchers of the Harvey surname and its variations includes subscription details and a searchable archives of past messages.

Surname Finder - HARVEY Genealogy & Family Resources
Find links to free and commercial resources for the Harvey surname.

Cousin Connect - HARVEY Genealogy Queries
Read or post genealogy queries for the surname Harvey, and sign up for free notification when new Harvey queries are added.

DistantCousin.com - HARVEY Genealogy & Family History
Free databases and genealogy links for the last name Harvey.

MyCinnamonToast.com - HARVEY Genealogy in All Regions
Centralized search results for family trees and other genealogy info on the Harvey surname.

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