Haunted by a Dead Girl

Kendy always felt that her house was haunted, and a mysterious picture might have proved it

I was never the type to believe in paranormal stuff, even though I found them kind of cool, but I never thought that they were real... until a few years ago.

In 2010, My family and I moved into a new house in Port Chester, N.Y. Due to all the things I experienced, I really didn't like that house, even though it was a pretty nice house. It all started when I would have to take care of my little brother at night while my parents went to work. Honestly, I don't remember where my older sister was, but I don't remember her ever being there.

I could never go to sleep at night facing my room. I would have to face the wall and hide under the covers. I would always feel a presence right in front of me if I faced my room. It would watch me and I'd be terrified and feel the chills at night. That would be the worst part of the day.

Months later, I felt the presence again. I was home alone while my parents were at a party. I had everything turned on because, due to the experiences, I was more cautious. I was using the computer when out of nowhere and all of a sudden, I felt it again -- right behind me. I got so cold and I couldn't move. Not an inch. I don't know if it was a paralysis or I was too terrified to look back and see what the creature or spirit that was looking at me. I don't know what it was, but it was a strong feeling.

After three minutes or so, I felt it leave and I could finally move again. That night I spent terrified. Also, the basement was the scariest place to be. It was cold and I could always feel someone staring at me.

One night, I was looking through some photos on my mom's phone. I was the only one to take pictures in the family and when innocently looking through the pics I saw a picture I swear I never took. It was of the kitchen, and there was a girl with long straight hair and a white dress in the corner of the picture. I got scared and told my mom and she thought I was playing a trick on her.

A few weeks later, my mom left to the store and told me that my cousins were coming that day. I was coming out of the bathroom and saw the doorknob moving and shaking. Someone was pushing the door back and forth and it looked like someone was trying to get in really bad. I stared at it thinking, How can anyone try to get it through that door? We only use it to get to the basement and you would need keys to open the door behind that to get to this door.

I asked to see who it was, but there was no answer. Then it stopped, so I opened it. No one was there. I thought my cousins were behind the wall and were gonna jump out to scare me, so I waited. Nothing. So I stepped in the hallway and saw no one. The basement door was open though. I quickly closed the door and still couldn't believe what happened.

After moving to a different house, I was on the computer and decided to do research on that house. I found an old article where it said that in the 1800s, there was a girl in her early 20s who had passed away a few days after her marriage. It kinda shocked me that that girl could've been the one I saw in the picture, but she didn't seem harmful.