Haunted by Little Humanoids

Both father and son are haunted by a mysterious phantom apparition that manifests as a small humanoid

I lived in southeast Arizona in the 1990s. My father worked as a truck driver hauling lime to New Mexico. His shifts took six hours, so my brother and I had a lot of time to ourselves to get into trouble.

I went through a rough year when I felt I was losing my mind. I was about 12 years old at the time when I kept seeing things.

It started as little lights at the corner of my eyes, like psycho dots. For those who don't know, a psycho dot is when you look at a bright light then look away into a dark area and see a little blurry, multicolored dot fade away, like a remnant of the light in your sight. These dots would appear in my peripherals, then dash away. I could never get a good look at them. Moreover, they would appear without me staring at light, for example, in the pitch black of my bedroom.

This never bothered me until one night my brother and I were sitting on the curb outside our house and I saw, dead on, what looked like a mouse running down the curb toward us. He didn't see it, but I sprang up and told him to watch out. He asked why, he didn't see anything.

Slowly, these psycho dots would appear as forms, sometimes animals, birds, bugs, and such. At first I thought how cool it was that I could see these things, but one day it became very unnerving.

It was the middle of the day and I was inside. I went into my room to get my shoes out of the closet to go out. As I pulled the closet doors open, I saw, in the corner of the closet, a humanoid figure crouching, like someone cowering in the corner. A perfect human form right there in front of me. I jumped back and saw it poof into nothing.

I ran out of there and told my brother what had happened. He seemed to believe me, but didn't know what to do. I told my mom and dad, too, and when I told my dad, he told me a story about one morning when he was getting ready for work. He says he saw this human figure, more like a shadow person than a psycho dot, in the house. He ignored it, he said, but he also said this figure followed him to the lime mines where he would load up before hauling to New Mexico. He said on his drive, he would see the figure appear on the side of the road and he would drive past it only to encounter it further down the road. He saw it again at the lime mine watching him, motionless, as the workers loaded his rig.

I haven't seen it again, but I can't say the same for my father. He was in the National Guard years before and went to Desert Storm driving rigs full of fuel through battlefields. Once, while on deployment, he said his rig came under fire and he led the convoy through the streets of a city in Iraq. During the speedy getaway, he crashed into a Volkswagen beetle filled with innocent bystanders, killing everyone inside. But he had to keep going. He's said it's haunted him ever since.

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