Haunted Gaya Mansion

Photo: Atullya Srivastava / EyeEm / Getty Images

I'm 21 years old now and haven't had any sort of paranormal experience since this particular event happened. I'm from a place called Gaya in the state of Bihar in India. This happened in the year 2001 when I was just around 11 years old.

There is a festival celebrated here called Rakshabandhan in which sisters tie strings on their brothers' wrists to signify their relation, and the brother, in turn, promises to protect and love his sister and care for her in any situation.

My two elder cousins and I were coming back from a cousin sister's house in the evening, approximately around 8 p.m. Our house is like a huge mansion, which was split exactly in half around 70 years ago. The mansion had been a British Empire building during the 18th and 19th century and had strange passages, huge rooms and a "bug room," which was sort of a jail as it had huge bars instead of a door.

Seventy years ago, when my grandparents bought the mansion, they divided it in half and sold the other half to another family they knew for some time. Being a huge mansion, they didn't have a use for so many rooms and would just keep themselves to their room and kitchen. The whole mansion was usually just deserted and would be cleaned around once a month by helpers.

My dad was born several years later, but by then the other family who had taken the other half of the mansion were all dead. Only the youngest son remained with his wife and one kid. Within five years all three of them died of causes unknown to this day.

Although my dad and his siblings never experienced any sort of activity in the house, they would always be afraid of it because it had become more like a dark dungeon with no electricity, trees growing on walls and dark, damp rooms with no visibility inside.

As my cousins and I grew up, we would be fascinated with the dungeons and regularly go in it with torches and roads to explore it. We found things like snake skulls, huge lockers with no place to insert a key and even no handle to open it, more than 200 bottles of something that was red and emitted gas upon opening. The room that I mentioned that had bars instead of a door was near a zero visibility room inside; even upon flashing more than four or five torches at once, not one single object would be visible inside it. The bars wouldn't open, and even though my cousins were older and stronger, we wouldn't even be able to pull an inch of the bars.

The staircase that led to the second floor and roof was near to collapsing, and the staircase leading to the basement was more than creepy. You couldn't make out the steps, and it smelled like dead people. With no electricity and no lights, it was the hardest thing to go up and down the stairs.

Things started to go wrong and eerie when I turned eight. In the evenings, when I would go out on our terrace and look toward the other half, I could see small objects moving on the ground floor near the jail, leaves moving violently on the tree, even though no wind was blowing, creaking sounds from the jail, and slamming of doors inside the house.

The worst happened when I was about nine. It was a chilly winter evening and my cousins and I had just finished playing basketball on our second-floor terrace, which was huge enough to hold a 4-on-4 football game. After everyone had gone inside, I stayed out to look out on the road and see passing by cars and the traffic. Though our mansion is nearly in the center of the city and just on the main road, still that other half would remain creepy and eerie.

It was later than 7 in the evening and I was going back inside when I stopped near the door to take a glance at the creepy half. What I saw made me freeze there with fear: a pair of golden yellow bright eyes were staring back at me from the door of the second floor to the opening to the terrace of the other side. I couldn't move, shout or stop looking back. It felt like hours as I froze there. It must have been only a few seconds and suddenly the door was opened by a maid who was there to clean the house.

I ran inside and told everyone the story, but no one believed me. You can't expect people to believe a nine-year-old telling ghost tales, but to this day I swear that what I saw was the truth and was no hallucination or joke.

Things then became very clear. My brothers, too, would see strange things in that house; strange noises would come from there. One incident that made me sure of what I saw that day was something that happened to my eldest cousin.

A washroom in the house is just beside the terrace, so everything going on outside is very clear. He woke up at around 2 at night to go the washroom. Upon entering, he could hear someone playing with a plastic ball and the sounds of children on the terrace. He distinctively heard the sounds, Phek na, which in English means "Throw it." The next morning when he told me about it, I was sure that something was damn wrong about the place.

The incident I was talking about at the beginning is what changed our whole perception about the dead and paranormal. As I said, it was late and we were returning from our cousins' house. When we crossed the house to go to the stairs of our own, we saw lights inside the house so bright that even people wearing dark glasses would have to cringe to see it. It pained our eyes like something hot had been put in in our eyes, and we stood there blinking to get a clear vision back.

We ran upstairs to the terrace to go and have a look at what was happening. What we saw, scared us to hell. The whole ground floor of the other half was flooded in such bright light that we couldn't even see the floor. The bars on the jail were wide open, the tree that grew in the corner wall had gone grass green, and something like mist was floating a little above the ground.

What I saw next made my heart stop. The same golden pair of eyes were staring back at us from the terrace door. Nobody or face was visible, just a pair of bright golden eyes. We ran for our lives that day.

Back inside the house, we huffed and puffed while telling everything we had seen to our parents and everyone, and strangely my cousin's dad believed us. He took out his shotgun and led us along with five people on the staff at our business to check out what was happening.

When we stepped onto the terrace, the only thing that remained was that the tree was still green and the mist still there, but no eyes, no light, and the bars had been shot back. Even after an hour of searching everywhere, nothing was found.

It's been 10 years since that day. The house was torn down four years ago and now a huge mall stands in its place. But the eeriness and strange vibes still remain. To this day, my brothers and I believe what we saw. We never will be able to know what it was, but it will always remain in our minds for the rest of our lives. Nothing of any sort has happened to me since that day, but whatever that was, makes my shiver when I think of it.