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Hayley Erin as Kiki Jerome
Hayley Erin as Kiki Jerome. ABC, Inc.

The Acting Bug Bit Early

Our Kiki Jerome, Hayley Erin, has amassed lots of acting experience. No surprise, since she's been working since she was ten years old.

The Los Angeles native, whose real name is Hayley Erin Feil, had her first professional credit on Malcolm in the Middle in 1994. She went on to appear in sketches on MADtv (one in which she played Dakota Fanning in a fake trailer for It's a Small World).

After that, she guest-starred in some prime time series, including The District, the King of Queens, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family, Big Love, Emily's Reasons Why Not (as young Emily) and many others, as well as a 2010 TV movie, Telepathetic.

Abby Carlton Newman

Soap fans know Erin well as young Abby Carlton Newman on Young and the Restless. Like many soap characters, Abby has a convoluted history.

Abby was originally born in 2000. Do the math, and you'll see that she has been SORAS'd (Soap Opera Rapidly Aging Syndrome) not once, but twice! Her final year of birth was 1988.

Erin played the teenaged Abby, and GH's Emme Rylan (Lulu) took over in 2010 to play the now-adult Abby. (Erin tweeted in February: Met Emme Rylan for the first time this week and the universe DIDN'T implode! She could not be any nicer or beautiful (if I do say so myself)

Erin is 5'7" and Rylan is 5'0", so Abby lost some height in the second SORAS.

Abby was the product of stolen sperm. Yes, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) wanted Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) child, so she stole his sperm from Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelly,  later played by Maura West).

You might be asking what Diane Jenkins was doing with Victor's sperm just hanging around. She had obtained it through a fertility lab.

Everyone wanted Victor's child, no matter how.

Ashley inseminated herself, I guess the old turkey baster way, and gave birth to Abigail (Abby). For years Abby thought her father was Brad Carlton; later she learned the truth and became Abby Newman. 

Kiki Jerome

Erin returned to prime time in 2010 and had no problem booking roles. In 2012 and 2013, she had a recurring part on Melissa & Joey as Noelle and went on to do three episodes of Austin & Ally as Piper.

She also had roles on The Glades, The Rebels (a pilot) and A.N.T. Farm before landing Kiki, replacing Kristen Alderson.

After the audition process, it was down to Erin and one other actress. During her callback, she read with head writer Ron Carlivati and then left. While en route home, her agent called and told her to return to the studio for a wardrobe fitting.

"I was crying a little bit," she tells Soap Opera Digest. She began work the following Monday.

Regarding Kiki's collusion with Morgan regarding Avery's custody, she says, "[Kiki] just wants her sis to have the kind of father/daughter relationship that she never got to have with Silas."

With Silas dead, Kiki has Franco (Roger Howarth) to turn to, and the actress is thrilled about it.

She told Soap Opera Digest

“I feel really fortunate to be playing opposite of him. Roger is awesome. I hate to play favorites, but Franco is my favorite character on the show. I buy every word that comes out of his mouth. Everything that he says, it’s like the truth and his delivery is amazing.” 

Erin went on to rave about Howarth's strong acting ability, particularly in emotional scenes where Kiki was suffering. “He was so lovely...Truly, he was the perfect partner. There was one part I remember [where]. I was on the ground, and he was kneeling next to me. He was holding on to me...I felt the connection to him as a co-star and the connection that Kiki and Franco shared. It was truly amazing.”

Private Life

Erin not only works on GH, but she's a fan, tweeting that she was having her car serviced and afraid she would miss watching the 52nd episode.

The young actress describes herself as "a lover of books, Disneyland, nature, film, and cats." Currently, she's dating the hunky model Logan Luedtke. For Valentine's day, he presented her with a rose dipped in 24K gold. We can assume this is a great time of life for Hayley Erin.

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