A Therapeutic Afternoon at the Movies

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Movie therapy or Cinematherapy is a type of psychotherapy. Cinematherapy involves the client viewing select films for healing or personal growth. Certain movie titles will be prescribed as medicine to watch in order to help treat emotional and mental conditions. Films are used as a tool to bring about an emotional response, create joy and laughter, or offer inspiration. In some cases the movies are watched under the supervision of a therapist.

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List of Therapeutic Movies Suggested by Readers

Certain films when viewed can be emotional healing or promote personal growth. Do you feel a movie uplifted your spirit or maybe served as a catalyst to motivate you to take a new path? What movie stirred you emotionally or affected you in a positive way? Share your movie watching experiences or recommend a movie for others that you found inspiring or healing.

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Garden State - A very quirky little movie about being emotionally numb and choosing to change it. Silly and cute, and it actually changed my life. ~Betsy Dumm

Tangled - For some reason, Disney movies have the power to both enchant and inspire me:) This is a new one now out on dvd that is based loosely on the fairytale Repunzal. I hope you truly enjoy it!


Hereafter -Validation of a "hereafter" is comforting and healing when you are grieving a loved one. ~Kathy

Chocolate - The cinematography and story of this film is relaxing and powerful in the most subtle way. ~Sue

The Ultimate Gift  - This movie is very inspiring. The young man in the movie learns life lessons well from his grandfather who passed on.


The Last Mimzy - This movie just tunes me into Spirit whenever I watch it. ~ming

Baraka - No words just a film of photos but it speaks very loudly. It is worth checking out. ~Regina

Others with Nicole Kidman... I saw this film a few years ago and always comes first in my mind! ~vedanta

Tuesdays with Morrie - It soothes me every time I forget how to enjoy life. ~bales1021

Five People You Meet In Heaven - I have seen this movie 3 times and I am so moved everytime I watch it. Seeing my loved ones again in Heaven will be a glorious day. Sigh! ~Sam

What The Bleep Do We Know? - A new take on knowledge that has been around since Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the Bible and much earlier, but for a new audience. ~Linda.longisland

Pay it Forward - A young boy tries to teach people to help others. He finds that not all people can be helped. ~Santanita

Rain Man - A movie where You can see the view of a so called lunatic man and his brother, a normally adapted, Tom Cruise. Amazing! ~Joe Dolce

Conversations With God - Lovely movie. Reminded me of how hope and prayer are important. ~Rita

Avatar in 3D - Very inspiring movie that really helped me see things in a different way! ~veriteri

Sweet November - This is a movie about love and life and living to the fullest EVERY day.

I often think about it when petty details set me off. It's a real eye opener! ~All_His

Places In The Heart - This movie is all about healing and growing through pain and tragedy. ~AnnJ

Men of Honor - This movie inspired me greatly! I watched this movie and saw how if you never give up you can achieve anything! It's true! ~Kaleb Micheal

The Fountain - Deep. Emotional. Be sure to watch several times. A lot packed into it. Note HIS traveling to HER through the lighted passageways. ~teeshaw57

As it is in Heaven - Because of the illuminated environment and above all the inner strength of people. LOVE. ~MonyMariaAnna

City of Angels - I LOVED this one. It is a good movie, and the music is wonderfully uplifting. I bought the soundtrack and have enjoyed it for years. ~jen

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