Spiritual and Healing Properties of Amethyst

Healing with Crystals

Amethyst Crystal Points
Amethyst Crystals. Getty Images

Amethyst is a purple-colored quartz crystal. Purple shades vary from light lavender to deep violet. Amethyst crystals have a spiritual quality to them and can be used to help individuals tap into higher levels of consciousness. It can serve as a bridge between physical and ethereal frequencies, creating an opening for enlightenment. Lavender quartz is thought to awaken the soul, helping people to realize their life purpose.

Remedy Benefits of Amethyst

  • Brings peaceĀ 
  • Protects against psychic attack
  • Provides spiritual insight
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Eases stress
  • Assists meditation / visualization
  • Karmic healer

Crystal Healers Share Ways to Use Amethyst for Healing

Spiritual and Calming - I use amethyst to keep me in touch with my spiritual side and connected to what is going on with myself as well as others. It allows me to act for the best of all instead of self even when it may not be what I would consider to be what is best for me. It keeps me calm and allows me to feel that I have enough time to do what I need to do even when time is limited. It allows me to work slowly even when I am feeling the need to rush and this allows me to do things right the first time instead of having to redo things because I rushed through them. Amethyst does not like the sunlight at all but likes the moonlight, sea water, and cold. It loves being under snow or in the freezer as a way of cleaning it and recharging it. Amethyst is a good stone for a creative person to have around because it does work so well at calming them. ~Whitehorse Woman

Amethyst Aids in Psychic Awareness - The amethyst is a powerful stone for healing. It carries many healing properties. It also aids in psychic awareness and helps with imagery. It is a stone to help quieten the mind. If worn while sleeping, it helps you to interpret dreams, and to ward off nightmares. It enhances intuition and inspirations. Gives you clarity and insight. An excellent stone for meditations. Good for the upliftment of the spirit. Should never be cleansed by the sun. Carries the energy of the moon, female energy. Does best with water cleansing or the moon. The best stone for the 6th chakra. ~Stones77

Assists Lucid Dreaming - My favorite spiritual stone is amethyst. I especially like deep purple amethysts, although the lighter shades supposedly carry the same healing properties as the darker ones. Just a personal preference I guess. I hold an amethyst sphere in my hands during meditation to help open up my crown chakra so I can better communicate with my spiritual teachers in higher planes. I have also tucked a smaller amethyst stone inside my pillowcase at bedtime to assist me with lucid dreaming and astral flight. ~Leah

Powerful Energy - Besides being a medical and master hypnotherapist, I also work with the angels. During a session with them, the angels suggested to me that I use amethyst whenever feeling tired or out of sorts. I began collecting pieces of amethyst jewelry and clusters of it. I find that my energy is lifted so quickly when I wear it! It is a very powerful energy. ~Gwenn Henkel

Moment of Clarity - I never believed in the healing qualities of gemstones before, but this summer I was suffering from very heavy depression. I was hopeless and thought there was no way out, and resigned myself to my fate. I fell physically ill and my friend brought me an amethyst necklace as a gift from Japan. I put it on and after my fever broke, I suddenly felt relieved of a great weight! I also instantly knew what I needed and wanted to do with my life, and began that very afternoon to pursue it. I am now feeling better than ever and on my way to the life and career that I know I am meant for. ~Shen

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