Healing with Crystals: Geodes

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Geodes

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Geodes as Meditation Tools

Each geode holds special energy. They can hold just about anything. Geodes are more about reminding one of a feeling or a way than about healing other things. such as meditating, one can hold that knowledge and assist you in remembering to do it, or to exercise, or getting the rest you need, or something as simple as remembering to smile. it is important that you find the one that connects to you and holds a feeling you connect to when choosing to work with geodes.

In the place I take people to seek vision there are many geodes. Because of this many times those seeking vision are gifted a geode by mother earth while there to remind them of what spirit has given them on the mountain. Each memory is different and the geodes hold those for the one they are gifted too. ~whitehorse woman

Geodes Assist Astral Travel

The geode comes with many crystals, some being, quartz, amethyst, and citrine. This is what I know of geodes. They can help you to see the whole picture and helps with coming to a decision before things get out of hand. It helps one have the ability to shape one's own future. It bridges communications with the Higher Deity and also helps in communications with people that are in the same healing fields. It can assist one in astral travels. They are also good tools for meditations as well especially the amethyst geodes. These stones can be good for soothing and de-stressing.

Aids in spirituality and psychism. ~stones

Geode Rock Garden - Our Lady of Grace Grotto

The Rock Garden of Peace sacred place is a Catholic refuge. But you don't have to be of the Catholic faith to soak in the good vibes from this blissful garden.

Our Lady of Grace Grotto, located east of St. Mary's Church in West Burlington, Iowa, was begun in the spring of 1929 by two Benedictine priests, Fr. M. J. Kaufman and Fr. Damian Lavery, the designer. Built during the depression years, many of the creators were unemployed and welcomed something to do. Despite the challenging time of the depression years, it was in hope and faith that the grotto was dedicated by Rev. H.P. Rohlman, Bishop of Davenport (Iowa). The grotto, erected in memory of Our Lady of Grace, was built entirely of donated rocks. Contributions were received from every state and many foreign nations. Many of the rocks came from the Holy Land. Inside the grotto the stature of the Blessed Virgin Mary is flanked by two seashells, one from the Atlantic Ocean and one from the Pacific Ocean. It's domed interior sparkles with the glint of quart crystals found in geodes.

For several years after its completion, the grotto was a tourist attraction. Pastors and parishioners worked to maintain its loveliness. In the fifties and sixties the grotto fell into decay. Trees and shrubs grew so tall that the shrine was no longer visible. The once colorful sunken garden was overgrown with vegetation. Then in 1973 the people of St. Mary's, under the leadership of pastor Fr. Jack Denning, began again. Many volunteer hours were spent hauling away the refuse accumulated during the years of neglect. The crumbled walks and steps were replaced, the ponds repaired, and new electrical and plumbing facilities were installed to replace the old.

On August 15, 1974, the Feast of the Assumption, Most Rev. Gerald O'Keefe, Bishop of Davenport, rededicated the grotto with 700 parishioners and friends celebrating their accomplishment.

Over the years, parishioners have volunteered their efforts to the task of restoration and necessary improvements, including a new fountain and ceramic tile Stations of the Cross.

Many of the shrubs have been replaced, perennials have been planted, and mulch and river rocks added as part of a landscaping plan. Continued effort goes toward maintaining the ponds and replacing geodes.

Our Lady of Grace Grotto continues to be one of Iowa's more interesting stops for visitors. It is a garden of peace, inviting people to reflect on their faith.

St. Mary's Pamphlet

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