Spiritual and Healing Properties of Moonstone

Healing with Crystals

Polished moonstone (chandrakanthi stone), a type of opaque feldspar unique to Sri Lanka, Mitiyagoda village, Sri Lanka
Polished Moonstones. Kim Walker / Getty Images

Crystal healing properties unique to moonstone are its lunar energy and it talent to balance emotional upsets. Moonstone has a gentle energy (sometimes referred to as feminine or mothering energy) that helps to ease stresses and feelings of anxiousness. It can be used to enhance intuition. Moonstone is a good crystal tool for anyone who wishes to reflect on past circumstances to learn life lessons from. It is also useful as a manifesting tool, drawing in those things you most desire.

Remedy Benefits of Moonstone:

  • Telepathy - Blue moonstone helps facilitate telepathic communicates and assists in communications in general.
  • Second Sight - Grey moonstone assists clairvoyance, also clearing away mental confusion.
  • Emotional Healer - Peach moonstone is an emotional healer.
  • Shield or Guard - Rainbow moonstone (white labradorite) protects against psychic attack.
  • Promotes Spiritual Growth - White moonstone facilitates spiritual growth.
  • Balancer - Yin yang balancer. Everyone carries both masculine and feminine energies, moonstone can help create a balance between these polarizing emotions.

Crystal Healers Suggest Ways to Use Moonstone for Healing

Moonstone Enhances Femininity - My favorite stone to wear is moonstone, specifically rainbow moonstone. Since women are lunar, they would be advised to wear or carry moonstone to enhance their feminine energy. ~Kksilverandstone

Balances Male and Female Energies - The moonstone is a good stone for both male and females. It helps males connect to their creative side and emotional side which they tend to stuff. This stone helps one with vision. That is why woman carrying it during their moon time are more powerful at that time for they are given visions that are stronger than if they did not carry it. When you carry it at other times this stone will allow you to see the variety of possibilities in any situation. It does not matter what color this stone is it will do the above things. When color is added it assists you with other aspects. Pink tones/birthing-emotions, green tones/growth-physical, black tones/intellectual, white tones/spiritual, blue tones carry all of the above in one stone. ~Whitehorse Woman

Moonstone Balances Hormones - Moonstone is a wonderful stone for women. Helps to balance the menstrual hormones. Particularly good for women going through menopause. It gives one greater flexibility and flow with life. It also helps to soothe stress and anxiety. Enhances intuitive sensitivity. It also helps one to feel less overwhelmed by personal feelings. It allows one to accept new beginnings. Also, it enhances perception and this allows one to make decisions which further your developments. Brings confidence and composure. Many use this as a stone of protection during travels. Brings tenderness to the surface. A stone of rejuvenation. Because it has the colors of the rainbow, it brings with it all the traits of the colors as well including the healing. ~Stones77

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