Spiritual and Healing Properties of Petrified Wood

Healing Stones

photo of petrified wood
Petrified Wood. © Joe Desy image

Petrified wood can assist anyone who is feeling stuck or experiencing being frozen in time. It helps to create balance and offers a foundation from which to launch new goals or undertake a different path. Petrified wood is also a wonderful grounding stone. It helps calm scattered energies.

Remedy Benefits of Petrified Wood

  • Grounds energy
  • Offers mental stability
  • Promotes concentration
  • Encourages goal setting

    Crystal Healers Suggest Ways to Use Petrified Wood for Healing

    Petrified Wood Calms Fears - Petrified wood can be used to calm down survival-based fears. It helps to make one feel safe and secure, helps one feel ageless. ~Whitehorse Woman

    Timeless Energy - Petrified wood helps you to set a pace and stay with that pace all day long because you are not hurried or moving too slowly for yourself but moving forward in a good steady way. It helps you to feel all will be all right. It connects one to their spirit in such a way that they know that time is not really what it appears for there is no such thing, there is only forever. ~stones77

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    Reference: GEM Stones A to Z, Diane Stein

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