Healing the Child Within

Inner Child Therapy

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Funny how memories of hurtful occasions from our childhoods have a way of resurfacing. Actually they are not funny at all, but when these difficult memories resurface it could mean the time is right for you to heal an open wound and stamp out residual suffering. Whenever you recall a time when you were sick as a child or if a less than pleasant childhood memory pops into your head you have the opportunity to mentally or emotionally go back in time and offer that child some healing.

Use these precious moments to reach out to that inner child of yours and offer a smile, a pat on the head, a big 'ol bear hug, or whatever feels right--how about reading a story to your inner child?

Now that you are older, wiser-- you can be the caring parent your inner child craves. You can be that child's hero now that you've grown big enough to tackle and slay those hideous childhood demons.

Childhood Memories

Perhaps your childhood was a happy one, but as you grew older your heart has hardened or you have lost the spontaneity of youth through the years. Your memories can help pull you back to those happier times--from there you can tap into those wonderful feelings and rejuvenate your spirit. Try to recreate child-like wonder into your day!

The child within not only knows what it needed back then, but also knows what you need in the present moment. It could be time to break-free from limiting childhood imprinting.

I hope you will honor that child within for the baby and adolescent footsteps he or she took leading you into adulthood.

Note to Parents, Grandparents, and All Child Caregivers

As guardians it is good to keep in mind that our young charges can be easily influenced and wounded by our words and actions.

There are cases of child abuse that are extreme and horrifying. But, it is important to realize children may harbor the smallest stings or insults and carry into their adult lives. Every person has been inflicted with unintentional wounds during their childhood, not from strangers, but from adults who they trust (parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.) to care for them and look out for their best interests.

A mature adult will recognize wounds that were inflicted without intention or understand that the parent or caregiver was doing their very best they could at that period of time. Still, these wounds hurt and can stunt or cast a shadow on person's ability to heal or move forward. Inner child therapy can help sort out those bad feelings and sooth any lingering hurt adults are bearing.

Dragging your parents into therapy may not give you any peace or resolution, but you can learn how to nurture your inner child on your own.

Ways Readers Love and Comfort Their Inner Child

My Inner Child Teaches Me
by Judith

One of the ways I practice loving my inner children is inventorying my childhood which gives her an opportunity to feel ad express her grief and loss and fears. Doing mirror work I invited her to share herself with me.

It is quite powerful to see her pain, to witness her energy bursting forth from me. I recently bought a rocking chair at her suggestion. I sit in it and rock while looking up at the sky since she had me put it on my porch outside. She comes up a lot whenever I play especially if she might look foolish/stupid as she did as a child. I listen to her, witness her fear and pain, and we go back to playing together with a healthier energy. I am doing breathing exercises by Deborah Blair on YouTube and EFT with Brad Yates which helps facilitate a connection with all my inner children. They help give me the grace and strength I need to be a loving witness to them all. Watching movies can bring up emotion and that is another way I connect with them and allow them to express. ~Judith

Creative Memories
by Sherry

When I want to nurture my inner child I carry out an activity like coloring, drawing, painting, making things with Play Doh - all these remind me of activities I did when I was a child that made me feel happy and calm.

I also had a lot of stuffed toys way back when, now I only have a few, but there is nothing like cuddling up to one of my teddy bears when I need comforting.

Childhood Photographs
by Sandee

I have several pictures of me between the ages of 2-6 years. I keep them in places where I can see them often (next to my bed, on the wall above my make-up table, in the bathroom, etc.). These are sweet reminders that she is with me always. I send her love each time I see her precious face and that shy smile!

Mild Toast
by Linda

When I was little my mother use to make me milk toast whenever I was feeling sick. She would make me a slice of buttered toast with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. Then warm milk is poured over the toast in a shallow bowl. I would slurp up the soggy warm bread and milk with a spoon. Milk toast is a true comfort food made with love for a sick child. As an adult I have made milk toast for myself a few times when my inner child needed nurturing. It isn't quite as good as when my mom made it for me, but it conjures up loving memories. Good stuff!

Inner Child Symbolism
by Stone Scribe

The “Inner child” is a symbolic representation of the emotional body, or the subconscious mind. Ever wonder why that part of self remains a child while the rest of self grows up? It is wounded and stuck in place by judgment against self, which is trapped in the magnetic energy of the emotional body. In order to heal the child, whereupon it automatically grows into a childlike adult, we find and remove self-judgment from the subconscious mind.

As long as self-judgment locks them into place, we will be trapped by repeating patterns of negative emotions that result in self-defeating and self-sabotaging behavior patterns. Self-judgment also robs us of our power, so that is another reason we want to release it. Then we can take back the power (energy) that we lost when we judged against self.

Inner Child Therapy Resources

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