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I am a Level IIB H/T practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher. First of all, Healing Touch doesn't require an attunement. It is a modality that was developed by Janet Mentgen, R.N. and was originally for those in the medical field. It is open to all now. It is an energy modality, like Reiki. There are several levels. Level I is 15 or more clock hours of instruction that allows people of varying backgrounds to enter, acknowledge their previous learnings and further develop concepts and skills in energy based therapy. A strong commitment to personal growth and knowledge of holistic health principles are also required. IIA,IIB consists of 2 workshops of 15 or more clock hours of instruction each that allows the participant to gain specific skills necessary for more advanced practice. Emphasis on deepening skills, developing healing sequences for specific client need, learning back and neck techniques and gaining skills in therapeutic interactions. There is no required waiting period between these levels, only suggested and they are each taught in a weekend, normal cost is $250.00 per level. IIIA is normally 6 months - l year course of study between two sections of 30 hours each. These topics include: case studies, mentoring, client/therapist relationship, ethics, establishing a H/T practice including private practice and integration of activities with the health community. Level IV is the instructor level for the Certified Healing Touch Practitioner to learn to teach HT.

My experience with H/T is limited to the use of it in my own Reiki practice, although I have volunteered with other H/T practitioners in a community project a couple of times. For me, Reiki is profoundly simple. You simply set your intent, CGP, and lay hands on. Reiki does the rest. Yes, there are techniques, hand positions for certain illnesses if one desires to learn and use them, however, it isn't necessary. You work with your intuition and open to the guidance given. The H/T classes I have attended teach that there are specific techniques for specific illnesses/diseases and that one must use them (correctly) in order to facilitate the energy properly. I found that one sentence particularly intimidating-I would never wish to harm another. So, my use of my Healing Touch is limited to those techniques I know well and am comfortable with (and there are several). I do offer to teach these techniques to my students also, if they are so inclined. And I include them at the end of their Reiki class. I do not charge for this. I enjoy using some of the techniques and have found that they blend beautifully with Reiki. Reiki is my first love and I have been involved with it since early in 1997. I am feeling called to work more withHealing Touch of late and suspect I may be readying for a deepening of my practical skills using the combination of both Reiki and H/T. I hope this helps somewhat to answer your questions and please feel free to e-mail me directly if you have other questions.

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I have been trained in Healing Touch for level 2. I have found that in this area of energy exchange between us there are great similarities. It reminds me of the naming of the Nameless. We use God, Goddess, Creator,Source, The Universe,The Great Spirit, etc.. Both extend the energy of the above to another in need. The hands are placed on or above the body and intention is considered as very important. The difference I find is that in Healing Touch more hand positions are in place which aid in the focus for the giver and receiver, as well. I use both as well as things I have learned in a Japanese training. It seems that all that use energy to heal and understand the true spiritual nature of healing do more blending than separating in this area. Reiki offers a wonderful way and simplifies the giving and receiving of light . Healing Touch offers a wonderful awareness of the energy around and in us and through the various hand positions brings us in contact with that energy. Isn't it wonderful to have such a variety of healing modalities offered to us here on this planet? I love all the things I have learned from all those who have taught me in all the modalities I have found thus far.


I am a practitioner of healing touch and reiki. In healing touch, also known as therapeutic touch, having an understanding of the 12 meridians and of the chakras and learning therapeutic hands-on skills in opening blocked energies is essential. It requires the gentle use of hands from practitioner to receiver. In reiki, the strokes are similar, but are done close to the body, not directly on the body. In both healing touch and reiki, blocked energies can be released and there can be healing of many basic dis-eases and ills.

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I am a Reiki Master as well as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. I explain to clients that Reiki is channeling the universal life energy to stimulate the integration of mind/body/spirit to enhance the natural healing mechanism. Healing Touch is a curriculum which provides training in a variety of techniques to clear, align & restore balance to the human energy system through touch, it influences the body, emotions, mind & spirit. Healing Touch is a method of altering the body's energy system to influence self-healing.

The similarity between Healing Touch and Reiki is that they are both energy medicine. The difference between Healing Touch and Reiki is that in Healing Touch we have more techniques available to us for specific conditions, such as back problems. There have been a great many research studies done on Healing Touch and it's efficacy. Healing Touch is used in hospitals. As a member of Healing Touch International we have standards of practice and a code of ethics. Our certification procedures are stringent and our work is documented. When someone does a Healing Touch treatment and documents the work, another practitioner can look at the documentation and know exactly what techniques were done and how they were done. So, the difference is Healing Touch has uniform standards in training and certification; consistency in technique and documentation; more techniques available for treatment of conditions.


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