Health, Safety and Nutrition Worksheets

Free Printable Worksheets and Teacher Resources for Homeschooling

Worksheets and other printed activities can help reinforce material learned through a variety of teaching methods and provide new information as well. With these health, safety and nutrition worksheets, you can give students additional opportunities to learn about these important topics. Accurate information about health, safety and nutrition can benefit them throughout their lives.

Dental Health Printables

The worksheets at this link present students with crossword puzzles, word searches, quizzes and coloring pages that help teach vocabulary and concepts related to dental health.

Eat Your Vegetables Printables

Vegetables are rarely a student's favorite topic, but with these worksheets and activities, students can have a little more fun learning about what's good for them. Tic-Tac-Toe, drawing activities, puzzles, multiple-choice quizzes and vocabulary matching activities are available, as is vegetable-themed lined paper that students can use for assignments.

Earthquake Preparedness Printables

This resource for educators provides authoritative background information on earthquakes in addition to learning activities and ideas for study and research. The printables include word games and puzzles, coloring activities and a kids' activity survival kit—in case the big one strikes.

Fire Prevention Printables

While earthquakes are more common in some areas than others, fire prevention is an important safety lesson for students of all ages. The printables at this link include academic activities such as vocabulary and alphabet worksheets, and you can also print out fire prevention door hangers, bookmarks and pencil toppers so that students can keep fire safety top of mind.

Special Needs Forms

The forms at this link offer diaries in different forms for tracking the behaviors of students with special needs. Included are weekly diaries for food, behavior and therapy as well as a schedule for tracking nutritional and medical supplements a child takes.

Physical Education Ideas

The worksheets and games presented here include B-boying (breakdancing) coloring pages and activities involving flashlight tag, pogo sticking, skateboarding and more, as well as a physical education record keeping form.

The link also has a walking log for tracking how far or how long people walk as individuals or as a group.

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