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The popular Irish surname Healy, is a shortened form of O'Healy, an anglicized form of one of the following:

(1) the Gaelic surname Ó hÉilidhe, meaning "descendant of the claimant," from the Gaelic éilidhe, meaning "claimant." The Ó hÉilidhe clan originated in Connaught.

(2) the Gaelic surname Ó hÉalaighthe, meaning "descendant of Éaladhach," a given name likely derived from ealadhach, meaning "ingenious." The Ó hÉalaighthe clan originated in Munster.

Healy is now rarely found with the O prefix, such as O'Healy, O'Haly or O'Hely, all common forms of the surname up to the end of the seventeenth century.

Healy may also be a geographical English surname for any of the places named "Healey" (or variants such as Hayleg, Helei, Heley, Helagh, and Helay) found in Lancashire, Northumberland or Yorkshire. The name means "the high clearing or wood", derived from the Old English heah, meaning "high" and leah, meaning "glade or clearing in a wood."

Healy is one of 50 common Irish surnames of modern Ireland, ranking forty-seventh on the list with a total Irish population of about 13,000. 

Surname Origin: Irish, English


Famous People with the Surname HEALY

  • Mark Healy - American surfer
  • Cecil Healy - Australian swimmer
  • Dermot Healy - Irish novelist, playwright, and poet
  • James Augustine Healy - first African-American Roman Catholic bishop in the United States
  • Roy Healy - American rocket scientist
  • Timothy Michael Healy - Irish politician

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