Hebrew and Biblical Names

The Meaning and Significance

Hebrew Pentateuch of his late Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex. - c 1900: An Illuminated Manuscript page containing elements of ancient Hebrew text and graphics from books from the Bible. (Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

If you are planning to name your children using these generally Biblical names, it is a good idea to see whether the meaning of the Hebrew name you choose is appropriate for your family. Hebrew names include not only names of remarkable people from the Bible, but pleasing attributes, like "pleasantness" or "swiftness," as well as names for objects, like "ewe" or "pine-tree." Many of the names have the word for "God" incorporated into them, so one consideration might be how pious or mundane do you your new child's name to be.

Jewish and Biblical Names

This is an A to Z list includes more than 60 Jewish or Biblical names, with definitions. Learn what that Oprah means fawn, for example.

20,000 Names

Hebrew names divided into a list for men, women, names in other languages, surnames, and pets' names.

Provides meaning, etymology, and origin of Hebrew names in an A-Z index.

Hebrew Names

If you want a Biblical name and are Roman Catholic, you may want to look at this Catholic Encyclopedia article that looks at divine, personal, and place names. "To be called" was the same as "to be" because of the intimate connection between names and the persons who carried them.

Hebrew Names

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