Hebrew Names for Boys (A-G)

The Meaning of Boys' Hebrew Names

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Naming a new baby can be an exciting (if somewhat daunting) task. Below are examples of Hebrew boys names beginning with the letters A through G in English. The Hebrew meaning for each name is listed along with information about any biblical characters with that name.

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A Names

Adam - "man, mankind"
Adiel - "adorned by God" or "God is my witness."
Aharon (Aaron) - Aharon (Aaron) was the older brother of Moshe (Moses).

Akiva - Rabbi Akiva was a first century scholar and teacher.
Alon - "oak tree."
Ami - "my people."
Amos - Amos was an 8th century prophet from northern Israel.
Ariel - Ariel is a name for Jerusalem. It means "lion of God."
Aryeh - Aryeh was an army officer in the Bible. Aryeh means "lion."
Asher - Asher was a son of Yaakov (Jacob) and hence the name for one of the tribes of Israel. The symbol for this tribe is the olive tree. Asher means “blessed, fortunate, happy” in Hebrew.
Avi - "my father."
Avichai - "my father (or God) is lives."
Aviel - "my father is God."
Aviv - "spring, springtime."
Avner - Avner was King Saul's uncle and army commander. Avner means "father (or God) of light."
Avraham (Abraham) - Avraham (Abraham) was the father of the Jewish people.
Avram - Avram was the original name of Abraham.
Ayal - "deer, ram."

B Names

Barak - Barak means "lightening." Barak was a soldier in the Bible during the time of the female Judge named Deborah.

Bar - Bar means "grain, pure, possesor of" in Hebrew. Bar means "son (of), wild, outside" in Aramaic.
Bartholomew – From the Aramaic and Hebrew words for “hill” or “furrow.”
Baruch – Hebrew for “blessed.”
Bela – From the Hebrew words for “swallow” or “engulf” Bela was the name of one of Jacob’s grandson’s in the Bible.

Ben - Ben means "son."
Ben-Ami - Ben-Ami means "son of my people."
Ben-Zion - Ben-Zion means "son of Zion."
Benyamin (Benjamin) - Benyamin was Jacob's youngest son. Benyamin means "son of my right hand" (the connotation is of "strength").
Boaz - Boaz was King David's great-grandfather and Ruth's husband.

C Names

Calev (Caleb)- Calev was the spy sent by Moses into Canaan.
Carmel - Carmel means "vineyard" or "garden." The name “Carmi” means “my garden.”
Carmiel - Carmiel means "God is my vineyard."
Chacham – Hebrew for “wise one.”
Chagai - Chagai means "my holiday(s), festive."
Chai - Chai means "life." Chai is also an important symbol in Jewish culture.
Chaim - Chaim means "life." (Also spelled Chayim)
Cham – From the Hebrew word for “warm.”
Chanan - Chanan means "grace."
Chasdiel – Hebrew for “my God is gracious.”
Chavivi – Hebrew for “my beloved” or “my friend.”

D Names

Dan - Dan means "judge." Dan was Jacob's son.
Daniel - Daniel was an interpreter of dreams in the Book of Daniel. Daniel was a pious and wise man in the Book of Ezekiel. Daniel means "God is my judge."
David – David is derived from the Hebrew word for “beloved.” David was the name of the Biblical hero who slew Goliath and became on of Israel’s greatest kings.

Dor – From the Hebrew word for “generation.”
Doran - Doran means "gift." Pet variants include Dorian and Doron. “Dori” means “my generation.”
Dotan -Dotan, place in Israel, means "law."
Dov - Dov means "bear."
Dror - Dror means "freedom" and "bird (swallow)."

E Names

Edan - Edan (also spelled Idan) means "era, historic period."
Efraim - Efraim was Jacob's grandson.
Eitan - Eitan means "strong."
Elad - Elad, from Ephraim's tribe means "God is eternal."
Eldad – Hebrew for “beloved of God.”
Elan - Elan (also spelled Ilan) means "tree."
Eli - Eli was a High Priest and the last of the Judges in the Bible.
Eliezer - There were three Eliezers in the Bible: Abraham's servant, Moses' son, a prophet. Eliezer means "my God helps."
Eliahu (Elijah) - Eliahu (Elijah) was a prophet.
Eliav – “God is my father” in Hebrew.

Elisha - Elisha was a prophet and Elijah's student.
Eshkol - Eshkol means "cluster of grapes."
Even - Even means "stone" in Hebrew.
Ezra - Ezra was a priest and scribe who led the return from Babylon and the movement to rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem along with Nehemiah. Ezra means “help” in Hebrew.

F Names

There are few masculine names that begin with the “F” sound in Hebrew, however, in Yiddish F names include Feivel (“bright one”) and Fromel, which is a diminutive form of Avraham.

G Names

Gal - Gal means "wave."
Gil - Gil means "joy."
Gad - Gad was Jacob's son in the Bible.
Gavriel (Gabriel) - Gavriel (Gabriel) is the name of an angel that visited Daniel in the Bible. Gavriel means "God is my strength.
Gershem – Gershem means “rain” in Hebrew. In the Bible Gershem was an adversary of Nehemiah.
Gidon (Gideon) - Gidon (Gideon) was a warrior-hero in the Bible.
Gilad - Gilad was the name of a mountain in the Bible. The name means "endless joy."

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