Hebrew Names for Girls (A-E)

Hebrew Names for Baby Girls with their Meanings

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Naming a new baby can be an exciting (if somewhat daunting) task. Below are examples of Hebrew girls names beginning with the letters A through E in English. The Hebrew meaning for each name is listed along with information about any biblical characters with that name.

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A Names

Adi - Adi means "jewel, ornament."
Adiela - Adiela means "ornament of God."​
Adina - Adina means "gentle."
Adira - Adira means "mighty, strong."
Adiva - Adiva means "gracious, pleasant."
Adiya - Adiya means "God's treasure, God's ornament."
Adva - Adva means "small wave, ripple."
Ahava - Ahava means "love."
Aliza - Aliza means "joy, joyous one."
Alona - Alona means "oak tree."
Anat - Anat means "to sing."
Amit - Amit means "friendly, faithful."
Arella - Arella means "angel, messenger."
Ariela – Ariela means “lioness of God.”
Arnona - Arnona means "roaring stream."
Ashira - Ashira means "wealthy."
Aviela - Aviela means "God is my father."
Avital - Avital was King David's wife.

Avital means "father of dew," which refers to God as the sustainer of life.
Aviya - Aviya means "God is my father."
Ayla - Ayla means "oak tree."
Ayala, Ayelet - Ayala, Ayelet means "deer."

B Names

Bat - Bat means "daughter."
Bat-Ami - Bat-Ami means "daughter of my people."
Batya, Batia - Batya, Batia means "daughter of God."​
Bat-Yam - Bat-Yam means "daughter of the sea."
Batsheva - Batsheva was King David's wife.
Bat-Shir - Bat-Shir means "daughter of song."
Bat-Tziyon - Bat-Tziyon means "daughter of Zion" or "daughter of excellence."
Behira - Behira means "light, clear, brilliant."
Berura, Berurit - Berura, Berurit means "pure, clean."
Bilha - Bilha was a concubine of Jacob.
Bina - Bina means "understanding, intelligence, wisdom."
Bracha - Bracha means "blessing."

C Names

Carmela, Carmelit, Carmiela, Carmit, Carmiya - These names mean "vineyard, garden, orchard."
Carniya - Carniya means "horn of God."
Chagit - Chagit means "festive, celebration."
Chagiya - Chagiya means "festival of God."
Chana - Chana was the mother of Samuel in the Bible.

Chana means "grace, gracious, merciful."
Chava (Eva/Eve) - Chava (Eva/Eve) was the first woman in the Bible. Chava means "life."
Chaviva - Chaviva means "beloved."
Chaya - Chaya means "alive, living."
Chemda - Chemda means "desirable, charming."

D Names

Dafna - Dafna means "laurel."
Dalia - Dalia means "flower."
Dalit - Dalit means "to draw water" or "branch."
Dana - Dana means "to judge."
Daniella, Danit, Danita - Daniella, Danit, Danita means "God is my judge."
Danya - Danya means "judgment of God."
Dasi, Dassi - Dasi, Dassi are pet forms of Hadassa.

Davida - Davida is the feminine form of David. David was a courageous hero who killed Goliath. David was a King of Israel in the Bible.
Dena (Dinah) - Dena (Dinah) was Jacob's daughter in the Bible. Dena means "judgment."
Derora - Derora means "bird (swallow) " or "freedom, liberty."
Devira - Devira means "sanctuary" and refers to a holy place in the Jerusalem Temple.
Devorah (Deborah, Debra) - Devorah (Deborah, Debra) was the prophetess and judge who led the revolt against Canaanite king in the Bible. Devorah means "to speak kind words" or "swarm of bees."
Dikla - Dikla means "palm (date) tree."
Ditza - Ditza means "joy."
Dorit - Dorit means "generation, of this era."​
Dorona - Dorona means "gift."

E Names

Edna - Edna means "delight, desired, adored, voluptuous."​
Eden - Eden refers to the Garden of Eden in the Bible.
Edya - Edya means "adornment of God."
Efrat - Efrat was Caleb's wife in the Bible. Efrat means "honored, distinguised."
Eila, Ayla - Eila, Ayla means "oak tree."
Eliana - Eliana means "God has answered me."
Eliezra - Eliezra means "my God is my salvation."
Eliora - Eliora means "my God is my light."
Eliraz - Eliraz means "my God is my secret."
Elisheva - Elisheva was Aaron's wife in the Bible.

Elisheva means "God is my oath."
Eilona, Aylona - Eilona, Aylona means "oak tree."
Emuna - Emuna means "faith, faithful."
Erela - Erela means "angel, messenger."
Ester (Esther) - Ester (Esther) is the heroine in the Book of Esther, which recounts the Purim story. Esther saved the Jews from annihilation in Persia.
Eitana (Etana) - Eitana means "strong".
Ezraela, Ezriela - Ezraela, Ezriela means "God is my help,"

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