Helen South

Helen South is an Australian artist working in graphite, charcoal, watercolor and mixed media. She has been the About.com Guide to Drawing and Sketching since 2003. You can also read more about Helen's current and past work on her Google Profile: Helen South


After university, Helen worked as a printmaking technician, and print and drawing tutor. She then joined the army as a cartographic assistant and illustrator, learning desktop publishing in 'the deep end' of a busy graphics office. Helen designed and taught a community college Life Drawing course, and recently taught drawing and painting to a community group. She is the author of The Everything Guide to Drawing (Adams Media).


Helen has a B.A. in printmaking, with a final folio of hand-printed stone Lithographs. She has also studied photography and art history.

Helen South

I've always drawn instinctively, but knew that something was missing. Then, through authors like Betty Edwards, I was excited to discover that drawing is actually something that you can learn, and I began to really think about the drawing process. I love to share my enthusiasm, helping others to gain the skills they need to develop their creativity. It's an attitude that is shared by the About.com Drawing community, who are amazingly supportive of each other's work. Being part of a creative community like this is important, when so much of our culture is about being a passive spectator, but drawing is about active creation.

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