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Cheers Submitted by Cheerleaders

Here's our latest collection of cheers, chants and yells for cheerleaders. If you have a favorite cheer you haven't seen listed, send it in.

Submitted by: Angel_Kamile

Hello friends,
We welcome you,
To the start of this day
We'll bring you something new,
We are (name of team),
We will conquer you,
So go and run away,
We will run after you...

1 we are the best!
2 we are the greatest!
3 we're gonna give you more, more, more, more!


Submitted by: H.E.

Hi hello and how do you do?
We are the Caledonia Tigers
And we welcome you!
Well our name is the Tigers
And we're here to say hello
to you in a special way
With a t-i, t-i, g-e, g-e, r-s, r-s -- Tigers, Tigers!

Submitted by: Cheerchicc20

Wildcats (your mascot) say hello
We wish you the best and put you to the test!

Submitted by: TnTiGeRsChEeR

Razzle Dazzle(clap clap clap)
Razzle Dazzle(clap clap clap)
My mame is Ashley(any cheerleader)
I'm number one
My Razzle Dazzle has just begun
So when you see me step aside.
You know Ashley(any cheerleader)
Don't take no Jive
(Everybody)OOh She thinks she's bad
(person speaking previously)No, baby I know I'm bad.
Repeat with next cheerleader

Submitted by: Seminolechic4eva

Hi, Hello and how do you do?
We just stepped up to welcome you with an
(stomp on each letter)- H(clap, clap, clap), E(clap, clap, clap), L(clap), L(clap), O(clap, clap, clap
We're the mighty cubs (mascot) and we just stepped up to say

Submitted by: Cheerchick

1,2,3,4,5, my name's Ashley and I say hi!
6,7,8,9,10 roll on back and meet my friend!
(repeat with the rest of the cheerleaders)
1,2,3,4,5, we're the panthers and we say hi,
6,7,8,9,10, roll on back and that's the end!

Submitted by: DaHuNaY4u

(captain calls) HELLO!
(all) HELLO!
We're the team that's got the spirit
Wherever we go
We'd like to bring it to you
From the (team color), (different team color) and (clap clap)(another team color)
So you fans have a nice day
From our team now let's play!

Submitted by: ChEeRsTaR247

We are the Bears and we're here to say hello
We're filled with spirit and we know that you can hear it
So sit back and watch and we'll cheer for you
'Cause we are the Bears and we're hear to welcome you!

Submitted by: Spoild4L

The 49ers are here to welcome you,
Our Maroon and Gold pride will shine right through,
We're here to play,
We play to win,
So come on Cowboys let's begin!

Submitted by: Cheer4945

Step up, step back introduce yourself
My name is (your name)
The rest of the squad (YEAH!)
And I'm a (Team Name)
The rest of the squad (YEAH!)
And I've got spirit
The rest of the squad (Alright, alright, alright)
After the entire squad has introduced themselves the entire squad will say
Step up, step back, introduce yourself
We are the (team name)- YEAH
We're Number One - YEAH
And we've got spirit - Alright, Alright, Alright!

Submitted by: CameronLaure

H (clap clap, clap clap) *turn*
E(clap clap, clap clap) *turn*
L *turn*
L *turn*
The Lions say hello from:
(girls say their names and do their favorite jump)

Submitted by: Chinesefood3

That's the way we say hello
Now that you got that beat
Listen to our hands and feet
Sound off
Now break it down

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