HENDERSON Surname Meaning and Origin

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Henderson is a popular patronymic name meaning "son of Henry." The given name "Henry" means "home ruler" or "ruler of the home," derived from the Germanic name Heimirich which is composed of the elements heim, meaning "home" and ric, meaning "power, ruler."

Surname Origin: English, Scottish


Where in the World is the HENDERSON Surname Found?

According to WorldNames public profiler, the largest number of individuals with the Henderson surname live in Scotland, especially the Highlands region. It is also a very popular surname in New Zealand and Australia. Surname distribution statistics at Forebears has the Henderson surname appearing with the greatest population density in Dominica, followed by Scotland. In 1881 Scotland the greatest percentage of Hendersons lived in Caithness, Shetland, and Kinross-shire.

Famous People with the Surname HENDERSON

  • Fletcher Henderson - Big band jazz pianist and songwriter
  • Florence Henderson - American actress best known for her role as Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch television sitcom
  • Rickey Henderson - American baseball player
  • Thomas Henderson - Royal astronomer of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
  • Arthur Henderson - Organizer of the British Labour Party
  • Archibald Henderson - Fifth Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps
  • John Brooks Henderson - Author of the thirteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which abolished slavery

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