Highest Paying Postal Jobs

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A mailman stuffing junk mail into a mailbox. Richard Ross/Getty Images

Ever wonder what the top postal jobs pay? Here's a hint: It's in the six figures.

In 2021, the United States Postal Service reported an average annual salary of $54,513 among its more than 640,000 employees, with 5,192 employees making more than $100,000 per year. At least half a dozen executive leadership team postal jobs pay more than $200,000, according to the Feds DataCenter public database. For the current postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, the top salary is more than $300,000.

Subordinate to Postmaster DeJoy, the various key positions comprising the Postal Service’s Executive Leadership Team are paid annual salaries ranging from $279,700.00 to $219,100.00.

The disclosure of salaries came at a time when the Postal Service remained in dire financial straits.

A 2020 General Accountability Office (GAO) report found that the Postal Service had lost $69 billion over the previous 11 fiscal years, including a $3.9 billion loss in the fiscal year 2018. Then, a forecasted $6.6 billion loss turned into an $8.9 billion loss in 2019. In 2020, the USPS posted a $9.2 billion loss even though total revenues increased by $2 billion. As of 2021, the Postal Service was also planning local post office closures, layoffs, and longer mail delivery times.

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Postmaster General

United States Postal Service Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.
United States Postal Service Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

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2021 Salary: $303,460
Current Incumbent: Louis DeJoy

Appointed as the 75th U.S. postmaster general by the Postal Service Board of Governors in May 2020, Louis DeJoy is the first postmaster general in two decades without prior Postal Service experience. Before his appointment, he was the founder and CEO of New Breed Logistics, a logistics and freight company. He was also a major donor to the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential election campaign. Controversially, DeJoy’s companies still hold active contracts with the Postal Service.

The postmaster general is responsible for developing a long-term, viable operating model for the Postal Service that will ensure the organization can fulfill its public service mission while remaining financially self-sustaining.

 In March 2021, DeJoy issued his 10-year “Delivering for America” strategic plan designed to save the U.S. Postal Service $160 billion over the next decade. Among other cost-cutting measures, the plan raises postage and other prices, reduces post office hours, and lengthens the expected delivery time window for first-class mail from within three days to five days.

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Chief Logistics & Processing Operations Officer and Executive V.P.

2021 Salary: $279,700.00
Current Incumbent: Isaac Cronkhite 

First named to this position in November 2020, Isaac Cronkhite is responsible for the day-to-day activities of 135,000 career postal employees working throughout 308 logistics and processing facilities. Reporting directly to the postmaster general, he is tasked with developing the most efficient and high-performing mail and package processing and transportation network in the nation. Reporting to Cronkhite are the vice presidents of logistics, and processing, and maintenance operations, and two regional vice presidents..

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Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer and Executive Vice President

2021 Salary: $279,700.00
Current Incumbent: Jacqueline Krage Strako

Named chief commerce and business solutions officer and executive vice president in August 2020, Strako is assigned with leveraging the Postal Service’s network of plants, transportation, and last-mile delivery capabilities to deliver solutions for e-commerce customers, large and small. In this leadership position, she leads four organizations: Transportation Strategy, Facilities, Business Development, and Business Solutions.

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Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Human Resources Officer

021 Salary: $269,700.00
Current Incumbent: Douglas Tulino

Douglas Tulino was appointed to serve as the Deputy Postmaster General of the United States in May 2021. In his role as chief human resources officer (CHRO), he is tasked with emphasizing a commitment to the Postal Service workforce and initiatives in the postmaster’s 10-year plan. As Deputy Postmaster General, Tulino is expected to ensure the organization’s culture, talent, labor relations, and leadership development are all contributing to the successful implementation of the 10-year plan. As CHRO, Tulino oversees all aspects of human resources (HR) for the Postal Service’s 644,000-member workforce.

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Chief Financial Officer and Executive V.P.

2021 Salary: $269,700.00|
Current Incumbent: Joseph Corbett

Joseph Corbett was named chief financial officer (CFO) and executive vice president of the United States Postal Service, in February 2009, reporting directly to the Postmaster General. In this executive leadership position, he leads the organization’s finance and strategy, treasury, investing, accounting, pricing and costing, and supply management functions.

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Chief Customer & Marketing Officer and Executive V.P.

2021 Salary: $269,700.00
Current Incumbent: Steven Monteith

Named chief customer and marketing officer and executive vice president in November 2020, Steve Monteith is is responsible for all corporate strategies and initiatives intended to increase the Postal Service’s revenue. He is tasked with improving the customer experience, aligning the Postal Service’s goals to effectively meet customers’ needs, and building a more “customer-focused” organization. With a workforce of over 3,900 employees, he manages Postal Service relationships with all mailers, shippers, partners, and industry leaders.

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive V.P.

2021 Salary: $269,700.00
Current Incumbent: Scott Bombaugh

Serving in this position since August 2020, Scott Bombaugh oversees Engineering Systems, Enterprise Analytics, and Innovative Business Technology. The chief technology officer’s goal is to give the Postal Service a competitive advantage by leveraging emerging technology and applied analytics and to establish technology-enabled products to increase operational efficiency. 

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Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Executive V.P.

2021 Salary: $269,700.00
Current Incumbent: Pritha Mehra

Serving in her role as chief information officer (CIO) and executive vice president since August 2020, Pritha Mehra works closely with the chief technology officer in overseeing one of the world’s largest technology infrastructures with 5 national deployment and solution centers, 37,000 network locations, 20,000 servers, and more than 950 applications on more than 215,000 devices—processing more than 90 petabytes of data per year.

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General Counsel and Executive V.P.

2021 Salary: $267,560.00
Current Incumbent: Thomas Marshall

As general counsel, Thomas Marshall is responsible for helping the Postal Service in all aspects of its business, including its rationalization plans, price setting, product development, and other major business and strategic initiatives. In this role, Marshall manages a complex legal department with branch offices in 15 major metropolitan areas nationwide.

The general counsel’s range of responsibility covers procurement and property law, corporate and postal business law, employment and labor law, environmental law, and legal strategy and policy. Under Marshall’s direction, the legal department participates in litigation in the federal appellate and district courts and before regulatory and administrative tribunals and assists Postal Service clients with labor negotiations, legislative and international matters, and matters concerning freedom of information and privacy.

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Chief Retail & Delivery Officer and Executive V.P.

2021 Salary: $219,100.00
Current Incumbent: Joshua Colin

Serving as chief retail and delivery officer since July 2021, Joshua Colin leads the Postal Service’s strategy to deliver the mail to every American home and business 6 and 7 days a week. Colin oversees all of the Postal Service’s retail and delivery operations to include 430,000 employees, more than 30,000 retail sites, and a fleet of approximately 230,000 vehicles delivering universal mail service across the nation.

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