Highs and Lows of Cancer-Scorpio Love Match

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Cancer and Scorpio are both signs with mega trust issues.  But that shared vulnerability brings out natural empathy, and fosters the atmosphere for something real.  

These water signs are loving and protective of those they trust.  But at first, there's a mask, and it grows stronger paradoxically when someone is wanting to crack the shell.   

 Cancer can be defensive or seem indifferent, which puzzles many potential suitors.

Scorpio intuits the sensitivity behind the aloof facade, and becomes intrigued.  

Scorpio has a natural suspicion, but soon sees that Cancer is a big softie.  The Crab also knows instinctively that Scorpio needs its defenses, and doesn't rush in with super direct advances.  Both signs move sideways into intimacy, with sidelong glances and subtle hints of affection.    

 Scorpio can be wary and brooding, and that's when the Moonchild can get lost in a nostalgic movie, or nurture their own melancholy. Some normies (non water signs) sense danger and don't try to get close to Scorpio. But this is right up cardinal Cancer's ally, being courageous in matters of the heart. Cancer can sense the compressed emotions of Scorpio, and admire the self-control that's part of the Scorpio nature.

The two are water signs, so much of what goes on is unspoken.

During first dates and beyond, they are reading each other's depth. You can almost hear the ping of the sonar, and the watchful faces as they wonder what's there.  

When either has a melt down, hurt feelings and what not, the other knows what they're going through. Scorpio veers into the rage spectrum more than defensive Cancer, and that's a big difference which can turn up as a relationship low.


But they're kindreds, since they have many of the same vices and virtues. They're way too emotional, sensitive, and take things ultra personally. Trust is built when they sense the other stands guard over the private world that they've created.

More Highs: empathy, rushing to the defense of the other, psychic connection, intimate communication, sensual and passionate in bed, loyalty, shared interest in human behavior

But when things are very bad for Cancer-Scorpio, they're horrid! Neither has much objectivity, especially if they're super upset.  When only one is losing her cool, the other can be the buoy of sanity.  

 But if both are flailing and floundering, there can be great extremes in the relationship. Two lovers in their own worlds may drift apart, especially if they're tried by too many ordeals of loss.  

Scorpio tends to want to get revenge, and this becomes lethal to the relationship, if Cancer feels threatened in any way. Scorpio follows balancing act Libra, and has that innate need to settle the score.

The Moonchild can be alarmed by the conspiratorial nature of Scorpio, and taste for revenge, even if it's not turned on them - yet. Both signs have long memories, and have a lot of feelings attached to every moment and character that's passed through their lives.

It can seem that the relationship is crowded out with ghosts, demons, enemies, frenemies and more.

The need to cleanse the emotional well here is critical. Keep an eye on what's running through, and make sure you're being nourished by cleansing streams, along with life's dark fascinations. A pitfall of this match, and Linda Goodman concurs in her book Love Signs, is that both signs are vulnerable to the "dark arts.' The magnetic attraction here is strong, and can be used to bind the other, with psychic pulls and control, and even attacks.  

Cancer can overreact to any hint of rejection and go into the shell. Scorpio is susceptible to compulsive feelings of revenge, resentment, judgment and possessiveness. Scorpio's ability to shoot poison darts can strike a fatal blow to the relationship, as far as Cancer is concerned.

Once Cancer's trust is lost, it's hard for them to open up fully again.

But in extremes, we discover our outer edges. And in the Scorpio-Cancer relationship, these times of emotional intensity comes with the package. But coming back from the edge, the pair may choose not to "go there" together to that dark place again. Some Scorpio-Cancers go to emotional hell and back, and are stronger for it.

More Lows: compulsive hurting of each other, harboring resentment, suspicious, jealousy, possessiveness, destructive tendencies.

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