The Most Hilarious Fake News Sites

Don't Believe Everything You Read

These days, we are inundated with news stories all day long, and every once in a while a story will come across our browsers that might make us pause and ask, "Is this real?" The fact of the matter is that no, it might not be a real story at all; the story could have originated from one of the many satirical websites that churn out humorous fake news articles every day.

We're not talking about sites like Fark, a site that compiles funny (true) stories every day for laughs, we're talking about sites that are entirely 100% fake. These stories are often written in such a convincing manner that it might not always be obvious that the content is completely fabricated for your amusement.

Learn more about five of the funniest fake news sites online right now, and the next time you come across a news article that seems too strange to be true, remember, it's probably a work of beautiful satire.

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The Onion
© The Onion. The Onion

Since 1996, The Onion has been delivering a daily dose of satire in the form of fake news stories accompanied by hilarious Photoshopped images. With categories including Politics, Sports, Technology, and Entertainment, you're sure to find something to put a smile on your face while reading "America's Finest News Source."

Sample headlines: "Mitt Romney Adopts New ‘Ronnie Ferocious’ Persona For Debates," and "Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World."

The Borowitz Report
© The Borowitz Report. The Borowitz Report

The Borowitz Report is a satirical news parody blog that is written by humorist Andy Borowitz, a man who was once called "America's satire king" by ​a legitimate news site, The Daily Beast. Every day on the Borowitz Report, which was purchased by the New Yorker magazine in 2012, Borowitz posts brief news stories with his signature biting satirical style. He also maintains a Twitter page which was named the number one Twitter feed in the world by a Time magazine poll in 2011.

Sample headlines: "BREAKING: White House Authorizes Search for President's Mojo," and "Human Behavior Is No Worse Than It's Ever Been, It's Just Now We Have Camera Phones."

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© NewsMutiny. NewsMutiny

Their tagline is "Satire for the wise, news for the dumb," which sums this site up nicely. Each day, NewsMutiny (which contains some bad language, so it's NSFW) skewers world events with funny headlines and brief AP-style stories. The site includes categories such as Entertainment, World, Local, Home and Garden, and "Advice." There are subtle bits of humor sprinkled liberally throughout the site, including a market watch ticker that lists the daily Dow and NASDAQ figures as "sad" and "grumpy."

Sample headlines: "Romney: "Not too Fond of other 53% Either," and "Police: Serial Rapist 'Obviously Not Too Picky'."

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Hollywood Leek

If you're looking for a satirical take on the latest Hollywood news, check out Hollywood Leek. This site skewers celebrities and Hollywood entertainment industry news but doesn't shy away from tackling politicians either. Their categories include movies, music, lists, TV, videos, and celebrities.

Sample headlines: "Honey Boo Boo’s Mom (Mama June Shannon) Releases Sex Tape," and "11 Signs Your Mom Might Be Reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey'."

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The Spoof
© The Spoof. The Spoof

This satirical news site is slightly different than the others because instead of having a paid staff of funny writers creating the content, the stories are all submitted by the website's readers.

Sample headlines: "Obama Plan to Extend Mayan Calendar - Approval by Drop Dead Date Doubtful," and "Find Jimmy Hoffa Craze Causing Shovel Shortage in America."