Hilarious Footwear That's So Ridiculous, It Makes Crocs Look Good

Who would wear these? WHO, I ask you?

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These Shoes Are Making Us Hungry

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Om nom nom nom! Is it just us, or are these sandwich flip flops a lot more FLOP than flip? Let's all settle down and keep our food looking like food and our shoes looking like, well, shoes!

Apparently wearing normal footwear isn't good enough for some people, because there are a metric ton of bizarre, off-the-wall, and just plan ugly shoes out there in the world. We're talking about footwear with teeth on the soles and shoes that are made to look like Big Bird from Sesame Street. Yep... we're totally serious. There are actually shoes that look like a big yellow Muppet that you can actually purchase and wear around town. 

Take a look at this collection of hideous footwear that is so bad, we would literally not be caught dead in them. We're no fashionistas, but we'd even wear nothing but Crocs for the rest of our days rather than don a single pair of these things. True Story.

What do you think - would you wear them?!

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Needs More Tentacles

Via reddit u/Admiral_Fancypants.

If you want your feet to look like they're being swallowed by a sea creature, here you go! You're welcome.

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Ice Cream Sundaes

Via Pinterest.

Why though?  

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Barbie Head Shoes

Via Karmaloop. Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Ken and Skipper are NOT going to like this!

These ankle boots are part lucite stripper heel, part Barbie murder party. We haven't felt so sorry for poor old Babs since that restaurant made her sport a ridiculous meat dress

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Giraffe Pumps

Via Pinterest.

Wear these babies if you want to make sure no one around you can maintain a straight face. 

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Freak Shoes For Your Feet

Via Clickypix.

"I'm looking for a pair of shoes that look so terrifying that my children will have nightmares."

"Right this way, madam."

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Spaghetti and Meatballs, Anyone?

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Looks like a clumsy waiter dropped your dinner on your feet.

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Picnic Shoes

Via Pinterest.

These even come complete with a few plastic ants for your picnic. Isn't that... nice. 

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Horse Hoof Booties

Via Brainparking.

Fear not: No animals were harmed in the making of these fugly horse hoof boots!

These things were all the rage when a limited edition hit the runways in 2011, in spite of the fact that they cost a hefty price of $2,100 a pair. 

Expensive AND hideous? Sign us up!

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Lego Heels

Via re-soul.tumblr.com.

For those who really want to express their childish side. 

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Toe Pumps

Via StyleBlazer.

Don't have time for a pedicure? Fear not! Just slip on a pair of these puppies.

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The "F-U" Shoe

Via treesaro.blogspot.com.

This is a great way to tell the world to go *bleep* itself without ever opening your mouth.

Wonder if they come in a size 9 wide.... Asking for a friend. 

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Moon You Shoes

Via estilo-tendances.com.

Again, why bother telling people off when you can just moon them with your awesome shoes? 

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Jean Booties

Via Etsy/thevintagetreehouse.

Your butt shouldn't enjoy all the fun of wearing jeans! Go ahead and get your feet some dungarees too.

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Big Bird Shoes

Via HeartMedia. Céline

These shoes are brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.

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Brusha Brusha Brusha

Via wowozine.

Now you can clean while you walk. Yay? 

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Put Up Your Dukes

Via WeirdExistence.

Are these boxing shoes or clown shoes?

Answer: Both. 

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Foot Shoes

Via AskIdeas.

In case your personal style concept is "I look like I have caveman feet." 

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Flipper Feet

Via AskIdeas.

Wish you had been born with webbed feet? Who doesn't? Overcompensate with a pair of these flipper heels.

Good luck not falling flat on your face while wearing them! 

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Devil Shoes

Via FunnyJunk.

These things are hell on your feet. 

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Clear Sneakers

Via bellatory.com.

Wear your sneakers and still see your toes. Just what we've always wanted.

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Alligator Chucks

Via bellatory.com.

Because regular Converse All Stars are soooo boring.

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Scorpion Shoes

Via Her Campus.

The only kind of scorpion we are interested in is the kind that comes in a huge punch bowl with three straws at our local Chinese restaurant. Capiche? 

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Shoes With Teeth

Via lostateminor.com. Fantich & Young

Oh yeah, not creepy at all! It's totally normal to wear Mary Janes with rows and rows of rubber teeth on the bottom. Yup; totally normal.

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Running Shoes

Via us.vibram.com.

Runners and hikers may swear by these Vibram hiking and trail shoes, but honestly, no. Just no. If you wear these, you've clearly given up on looking presentable in life, so go ahead and get yourself a comfy pair of Crocs and call it a day.