HILL - Name Meaning and Origin

The surname Hill most commonly derived from a word meaning "hill," denoting someone who lived on or near a hill.
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There are several possible origins for the common HILL surname.

  1. The most common origin of the surname Hill is as a topographic or place name for one who lives on or near a hill, derived from the Old English hyll.
  2. A corruption of the German hild, meaning "battle."
  3. From the medieval given name Hill, a short form of the personal name Hilary, from the Latin hilaris, meaning "cheerful" or "glad."

Hill is the 31st most popular surname in the United States and the 19th most common surname in Scotland.

Surname Origin: English


Where in the World Do People with the HILL Surname Live?

According to surname distribution data from Forebears, Hill is most prevalent in the United States, where one in 699 people bears the name (ranking it 37th most common). Hill is also a common last name in England (36th), Australia (35th), New Zealand (34th), Wales (32nd), Canada (70th) and Scotland (89th).

WorldNames PublicProfiler identifies the Hill surname as especially common in Nova Scotia, Canada, as well as New Zealand, and the West Midlands district of the United Kingdom. Within England, Hill is found most prevalently in Birmingham, Worchestershire, Herefordshire, Derbyshire and Somerset.

Famous People with the HILL Last Name

  • James J. Hill - Railroad magnate responsible for expanding railways into the U.S. Northwest during the late 19th century.
  • Benny Hill - British actor and comedian
  • Steven Hill - Jewish-American actor best known for his roles in Mission Impossible and on Law & Order.
  • Sir Geoffrey William Hill - British poet

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