Historia Calamitatum

The Story of My Misfortunes

An Autobiography by Peter Abèlard

Translated by Henry Adams Bellows

Introduction by Ralph Adams Cram


  • Introduction


    Chapter I
    of the birthplace of Pierre Abèlard and of his parents

    Chapter II
    of the persecution he had from his master William of Champeaux--of his adventures at Melun, at Corbeil and at Paris--of his withdrawal from the city of the Parisians to Melun, and his return to Mont Ste. Geneviève--of his journey to his old home

    Chapter III
    of how he came to Laon to seek Anselm as teacher

    Chapter IV
    of the persecution he had from his teacher Anselm

    Chapter V
    of how he returned to Paris and finished the glosses which he had begun at Laon

    Chapter VI
    of how, brought low by his love for Hèloise, he was wounded in body and soul

    Chapter VII
    of the arguments of Hèloise against wedlock--of how none the less he made her his wife

    Chapter VIII
    of the suffering of his body--of how he became a monk in the monastery of St. Denis and Hèloise a nun at Argenteuil

    Chapter IX
    of his book on theology and his persecution at the hands of his fellow students--of the council against him

    Chapter X
    of the burning of his book--of the persecution he had at the hands of his abbot and the brethren

    Chapter XI
    of his teaching in the wilderness

    Chapter XII
    of the persecution directed against him by sundry new enemies or, as it were, apostles

    Chapter XIII
    of the abbey to which he was called and of the persecution he had from his sons, that is to say the monks, and from the lord of the land

    Chapter XIV
    of the evil report of his iniquity

    Chapter XV
    of the perils of his abbey and of the reasons for the writing of this his letter


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