Historical Methodist Church Records and Archives

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Looking for information on an ordained Methodist minister? Wondering if church records exist for your Methodist ancestors? These online archives, records, and historical resources provide records of ministers, missionaries, and members of the United Methodist, Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Presbyterian, and United Brethren church in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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The American Methodism Project

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Internet Archive

A free, digitized collection of interdisciplinary and historical materials related to American Methodism, including published minutes of meetings, local church histories, magazines, papers and pamphlets, books, reference works, and dissertations. A joint project of the Internet Archive, the United Methodist Commission on Archives and History, United Methodist-related seminary libraries, and the Methodist Librarians Fellowship.

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Methodist Annual Conference Journal Memoirs Index

Online index to the conference memorials (obituaries) and Honor Rolls from the annual Methodist conference journals held by the General Commission on Archives and History, plus information on how to order a copy of the full text of a memoir. The Archives does not hold copies of all conference journals ever published, so you may want to browse by conference and then sort by year of publication to see what's included.

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Methodist Episcopal Church — An Alphabetical List of Preachers to 1840

Read A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Volume 4: From the Year 1829 to the Year 1840.

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Index of UK Methodist Ministers Who Died While in Service Prior to 1969

The University of Manchester Library hosts this online index created from the list of Ministers and Probationers who have died in the work that appeared in the back of the 1969 edition of Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist Church, printed by the Methodist Publishing House in London.

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Denominational Methodist Newspapers - South & Western United States

The David Donahue Memorial Tennessee Records Repository hosted on Tennessee GenWeb offers selected genealogical abstracts and transcriptions from the Western Methodist (1833–1834), the Southwestern Christian Advocate (1838–1846), and the Nashville Christian Advocate (1847–1919, plus 1929) denominational newspapers.

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History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America

A free, searchable digital edition of this classic Methodist Episcopal history by Abel Stevens, covering four volumes in six books. From the Wesley Center Online.

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Pastoral Records: Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church 1784–2010

This free, digital publication features an alphabetical roll of ministerial records for all the Methodist Ministers who have served in one of the Western Pennsylvania Conferences (including Pittsburgh and Erie) from the time of the creation of the original Pittsburgh Conference in 1825 to 1968, including ministers from all predecessor denominations.

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Southern Christian Advocate Obituary Index

The South Carolina Conference Methodist Archives at Wofford hosts this online index of obituaries that have appeared in the conference newspapers, the Southern Christian Advocate and South Carolina United Methodist Advocate.

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Documenting the American South

The Documenting the American South project from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is rich in African-American Methodist resources, including selected histories, biographies, and catechisms.

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South Africa, Methodist Parish Registers, 1822-1996

Browse digitized images of baptism, marriage, and burial records from various Methodist parishes in South Africa.

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