The History of Home Inventions

Home Inventions Over the Years

From furniture to radiators, numerous home inventions have occurred over the years.


• Home Smoke Detectors

There are two types of smoke detector: photoelectric and ionization. The first battery-operated home smoke detector was patented in 1969 by Randolph Smith and Kenneth House.

• Linoleum 

Home Office 



Today’s wire coat hanger was inspired by a clothes hook patented in 1869, by O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut.

• Door Bell (electric) 
The electric door bell was invented by Joseph Henry in 1831. 

• Fireplace Rumford 
Count Rumford (aka Benjamin Thompson) invented the Rumford fireplace in 1796. 

• Home Security

The first video home security system was patented (patent #3,482,037) on December 2, 1969 to Marie Brown. The system used television surveillance.

Home Furniture 

Furniture is any household equipment, usually made of wood, metal, plastics, marble, glass, fabrics, or related materials and having a variety of different purposes. 

 • Beds 

• Furniture Casters 
Furniture casters were patented by David A. Fisher, on March 14,1876 (U.S. pat#174,794). 

• Curtain Rod 
The curtain rod was patented by S.R. Scottron, on August 30th.1892 (U.S. pat#481,720), and braces for it were patented by W.S. Grant, on August 4th., 1896 (U.S. pat#565,075). 

• Venetian Blinds 
A method to adjust the angle of the slats (Venetian blinds) was a 1841, U.S. patent (#2,223) awarded to inventor John Hampson of New Orleans.

• Metallic Screening
Metallic screening used in screen doors and windows was patented (#297,382) on April 22, 1884 by John Golding of Chicago, Illinois.

Heating and Cooling 

• Home Cooling 

In 1886, Schulyer Wheeler invented the electric fan, a principal method of home cooling until Willis Haviland Carrier, the father of air conditioning, designed the first scientific system to clean, circulate, and control the temperature and humidity of air in homes. 

• Radiator 
The radiator was invented by American, William Baldwin. His process of making radiators of cast iron brought central heating into the homes of most Americans by the start of the 20th century. 

• Water Heaters 

In the 1870s, Englishmen, Maughan invented the first instant water heater. Little is known about Maughan's invention, however, his invention influenced the designs of Edwin Ruud.

• Home Heating 

The earliest method of providing interior home heating was an open fire. Central heating appears to have been invented in ancient Greece, but it was the Romans who became the supreme heating engineers of the ancient world with their hypocaust system. Central heating was adopted for use again in the early 19th century when the   Industrial Revolution caused an increase in the size of buildings for industry, residential use, and services.

• Furnace 
In 1885, the Blast Furnace Charger was patented by Fayette Brown. 

• Household Tools

Hardware hand tools are used by craftsmen in manual operations, such as chopping, chiseling, sawing, filing, forging, and more. The date of the earliest tools is uncertain. Tools found in northern Kenya in 1969 maybe about 2,600,000 years old, and even older tools may remain to be discovered.

The Backyard 

• AstroTurf 

• Lawn Mowers 

• The History of Tents 
Throughout recorded history tents have provided temporary and transportable accommodation for use mainly during war (be it on the march or during a siege). 

• Fly Swatter 

In 1905, Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine, a member of the Kansas State Board of Health, set out to rid the state of a bumper crop of flies and combat the public’s indifference to the pests. While attending a Topeka softball game, Crumbine was inspired by the crowd’s chant of "swat the ball." The next issue of his Fly Bulletin bore the headline "SWAT THE FLY." This in turn inspired a school teacher, Frank H. Rose to construct a device from a yardstick and a piece of screen. The holes in the screen were essential because a fly can sense the air pressure of a solid object like a hand. Rose called his invention a "fly bat." Dr. Crumbine renamed it "fly swatter."

• Pink Flamingos 
Don Featherstone of Massachusetts invented the pink flamingo lawn ornament in 1957.