Learn the German Lyrics to Two Hit Songs by Die Prinzen

Satire Reigns With These Hits From the Famous German Pop Band

Die Prinzen
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Pop music fans in German-speaking countries are very familiar with the band Die Prinzen. They topped the charts in the 80s and 90s with songs like "Deutschland" and "Millionär" and their songs are filled with satirical lyrics about German society.

If you have yet to discover this famous pop band, now is a perfect time. Two of their hit songs are included below with a direct English translation that demonstrates the band's humor.

An Introduction to Die Prinzen ("The Princes")

With 14 gold and six platinum records and over five million recordings sold, Die Prinzen (pronounced DEE PRINT-sen) are one of the most popular German pop bands of all time. Before they became Die Prinzen, the group's members were all in the Thomanerchor of the Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) in Leipzig, which is one reason they specialize in a capella music (singing without instrumental accompaniment).

In the 1980s, the band's members were Sebastian Krumbiegel, Wolfgang Lenk, Jens Sembner, and Henri Schmidt. The lyrics of their songs are usually satiric and humorous, with tongue-in-cheek criticism of the German government and German society.

In 1990, the band's album "Das Leben ist grausam," and the singles "Gabi und Klaus" and "Millionär" were big hits. The band gained more recognition when it toured with Germany's "Rock-Opa" Udo Lindenberg in 1992.

Their second album, "Küssen verboten," with its title hit song, sold well. In later albums, the band also added an instrumental techno sound to their voices. After a lull in the late 1990s, Die Prinzen regained their popularity in Germany with the popular song "​Olli Kahn," referring to Germany's World Cup star goalie Oliver Kahn.

The band has played concert tours in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. 

Popular Songs by Die Prinzen

A few of Die Prinzen's songs were really big hits and many of them can be found on the "Ganz oben - Hits" album as well as the albums they were original released on.

  • "Millionär" - (1987) Album "Das Leben ist grausam"
  • "Alles nur geklaut" (1993) Album: "Alles nur geklaut"
  • "Küssen verboten" (1992) Album: "Küssen verboten"
  • "Schwein sein" (1995) Album: "Schweine"
  • "Schlottersteinhymne" (1996) Album: "Die CD mit der maus"
  • "Deutschland" (2001) Album: "D

"Deutschland" Lyrics

Album: "D"
Released: 2001

"Deutschland" is an irreverent, satirical song that makes a few pointed remarks about the homeland of Die Prinzen. This single from the album "D" (for "Deutschland") was released on the 40th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall in 2001. 

Some references in the song text are borrowed from right-wing, neo-Nazi phrases and the opening chorus of "Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch..." is reminiscent of Nazi times. But the song satirizes such overt patriotism and other behaviors that are "typisch Deutsch." In case there's any doubt that this is satire, Die Prinzen use their favorite word ("Schwein") at the very end to replace "sein" ("to be").

Below you will find the original German lyrics to "Deutschland" along with an English translation. Only the primary verses have been included and the chorus "Deutsch, deutschdeutsch..." is repeated between most verses.

WARNING: Some words in these lyrics may be offensive to some people. 

German LyricsDirect Translation by Hyde Flippo
Natürlich hat ein Deutscher "Wetten, dass"* erfunden
Vielen Dank für die schönen Stunden
Wir sind die freundlichsten Kunden auf dieser Welt
Wir sind bescheiden - wir haben Geld
Die Allerbesten in jedem Sport
Die Steuern hier sind Weltrekord
Bereisen Sie Deutschland und bleiben Sie hier
Auf diese Art von Besuchern warten wir
Es kann jeder hier wohnen, dem es gefällt
Wir sind das freundlichste Volk auf dieser Welt
Of course a German invented "Wetten, dass"*
Many thanks for the enjoyable hours
We're the friendliest customers in this world
We're modest - we have money
The very best in any sport
The taxes here set a world record
Visit Germany and stay here
It's this kind of visitor we wait for
Anyone who likes it can live here
We're the friendliest people in this world
Nur eine Kleinigkeit ist hier verkehrt
Und zwar, dass Schumacher** keinen Mercedes fährt
Just one little thing is out of whack
And that is, Schumacher** doesn't drive a Mercedes
Das alles ist Deutschland - das alles sind wir
Das gibt es nirgendwo anders - nur hier, nur hier
Das alles ist Deutschland - das sind alles wir
Wir leben und wir sterben hier
All that is Germany - all that is us
You won't find that anywhere else - only here only here
All that is Germany - all that is us
We live and die here
Es bilden sich viele was auf Deutschland ein
Und mancher findet es geil, ein Arschloch zu sein
Es gibt manchen, der sich gern über Kanaken beschwert
Und zum Ficken jedes Jahr nach Thailand fährt
Wir lieben unsere Autos mehr als unsere Frau'n
Denn deutschen Autos können wir vertrau'n
Gott hat die Erde nur einmal geküsst
Genau an dieser Stelle, wo jetzt Deutschland ist
Wir sind überall die besten - natürlich auch im Bett
Und zu Hunden und Katzen besonders nett

Many people are arrogant about Germany
And some think it's cool to be an a--hole
There are some who like to complain about Kanaken [foreigners]
And travel to Thailand every year to f---
We love our cars more than our women
Because we can trust German cars
God kissed the earth just once
Right on the spot where Germany is now
We're the best everywhere - naturally also in bed
And we're especially nice to dogs and cats
Wir sind besonders gut im Auf-die-Fresse-hau'n
auch im Feuerlegen kann man uns vertrau'n
Wir steh'n auf Ordnung und Sauberkeit
Wir sind jederzeit für 'nen Krieg bereit
Schönen Gruß an die Welt, seht es endlich ein
Wir können stolz auf Deutschland... SCHWEIN!
We're really good at busting someone in the chops
We can also be relied on for starting fires
We like order and cleanliness
We're always ready for a war
Friendly greetings to the world, understand
We can be proud of Germany... SWINE!

"Millionär" Lyrics

 Album: "Das Leben ist grausam"
Released: 1987

"Millionär" is another of Prinzen's hit songs. It was first released on the "Das Leben ist grausam" (Life is Cruel) album. The lyrics are about how great it would be to become a millionaire and, as you can see, it is definitely another satirical song.

Again, the main verses of this song have been included here with the English translation. The phrase "Ich wär' so gerne Millionär..." (I would love to be a millionaire) is repeated between most verses.

German LyricsDirect Translation by Hyde Flippo
Ich wär' so gerne Millionär
Dann wär mein Konto niemals leer
Ich wär' so gerne Millionär
Ich wär' so gerne Millionär
I'd really like to be a millionaire
Then my account would never be empty
I'd really like to be a millionaire
Worth millions
I'd really like to be a millionaire
(Geld, Geld, Geld...)(Money, money, money...)
Ich hab' kein Geld hab' keine Ahnung, doch ich hab 'n großes Maul
Bin weder Doktor noch Professor, aber ich bin stinkend faul
Ich habe keine reiche Freundin und keinen reichen Freund
Von viel Kohle hab' ich bisher leider nur geträumt
I have no money, have no clue, but I do have a big mouth
I'm neither a doctor nor a professor, but I'm terribly lazy
I have no rich girl friend and no rich male friend
Unfortunately, up to now I've only dreamed of having dough
Was soll ich tun, was soll ich machen, bin vor Kummer schon halb krank
Hab' mir schon paar Mal überlegt: Vielleicht knackst du eine Bank
Doch das ist leider sehr gefährlich, bestimmt werd' ich gefasst
Und außerdem bin ich doch ehrlich und will nicht in den Knast
What should I do, what should I try? I'm half sick with worry
A few times before I thought: Perhaps you could rob a bank
But unfortunately that's very dangerous; I'd get caught for sure
And besides I'm actually honest and I don't want to go to jail
Es gibt so viele reiche Witwen, die begehr'n mich sehr
Sie sind scharf auf meinen Körper, doch den geb' ich nicht her
Ich glaub' das würd' ich nicht verkraften um keinen Preis der Welt
Deswegen werd' ich lieber Popstar und schwimm' in meinem Geld
There are so many rich widows who want me badly
They're hot for my body, but I won't give it to them
I don't think I could handle that for any price in the world
That's why I'd rather become a pop star and swim in my money

The German lyrics are provided for educational use only. No infringement of copyright is implied or intended. The literal, prose translations of the original German lyrics by Hyde Flippo.